Faith Abiodun, a News Decoder trustee, has been named head of United World Colleges International, a vast network of 18 schools on 4 continents.

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United World Colleges is made up of 18 schools and colleges on four continents.

News Decoder Board Member Faith Abiodun has been named executive director of United World Colleges International, which manages a global network of 18 schools on four continents that educate more than 10,500 students every year.

The appointment, announced on September 21, puts Abiodun in charge of a sprawling network of International Baccalaureate schools and the world’s largest scholarship programme in international secondary education, with more than 80% of students receiving a scholarship.

Born in Nigeria, Abiodun has worked in education and as a social enterprise leader, international affairs analyst, writer and speaker.

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Faith Abiodun

He worked for nearly a decade at News Decoder partner school the African Leadership Academy (ALA), recruiting thousands of young leaders from around the world and helping build ALA’s global brand.

In accepting the post, Abiodun said that for nearly six decades, United World Colleges has placed education at the forefront of developing a peaceful and sustainable future. “As the world experiences seismic shifts politically, economically and socially, that mission is even more relevant today,” he said.

In an interview with News Decoder last year, Abiodun said Black Lives Matter protests in the United States could spur change around the world and youth could play a key role in the fight for equality.

Abiodun is one of eight News Decoder trustees.

Abiodun is one of eight trustees on the board overseeing News Decoder’s parent non-profit, Nouvelles-Découvertes, which is registered with the French government. Nouvelles-Découvertes was founded in mid-2015, and News Decoder launched operations soon after that.

The board has helped News Decoder grow into a network of 21 schools in 16 countries. We work with thousands of students every year, helping them craft multimedia content for our global website, organizing student-led webinars on major topics and offering workshops on storytelling, news reporting skills and media literacy.

To help kick off the academic year, News Decoder will be holding a public webinar on November 10, entitled “Is Democracy Doomed?” and featuring students from our partner schools and Mete Coban, founder of the youth-led charity My Life My Say, which provides youth with tools to change society.

The online webinar will take place during News Decoder’s annual fundraising campaign, which highlights our non-profit’s work to create better global citizens and to strengthen democracy around the world.

(Nelson Graves is founder of News Decoder and president of Nouvelles-Découvertes.)

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