Our Supporters

We are profoundly grateful to the individuals and foundations that support our work. Their contributions signify a commitment to empowering young people around the world.

Visionary Donors: $100,000 +

Drew Foundation

Gold Donors: $10,000 – $99,999

Alan Main and Termain Kyles

Friends and family of Arch W. Roberts, Jr.

James Rowe and Lisa Adams

Joerg Floeck

Kevin and Sallie Deans Lake

Silver Donors: $2,500 – $9,999

Anne Rose

Eadie Chen

Hugh M. Hyde, Jr.

Olivier and Jennifer Lemaigre

Rachel Wong and David Schlesinger

Robert Fisher

Timothy and Aileen Agnew

Bronze Donors: $1,000 – $2,499

Alan Wheatley and Jane Macartney

Alison von Klemperer

Alistair Lyon

Brian Matthews

“Bud” Wilkes

Carter Eskew

Cleo O’Donnell

David Humphreville and Sian Wetherill

Doug and Zoe Billman

Edith Bingham

Germain Graves

James Philbin

James Wadsworth

Jinny St. Goar

John Abell

Justin Graves

Kenneth Roberts

Marie-Thérèse Conrad

Miriam Armstrong

Ned Lamont

Patrick and Patti Schuster Pera

Steve Rasin and Sonya Hepinstall

Terry Jo Bichell

Tony and Fay Winning

School Sponsors

School Sponsors are donors who respond to special requests to cover a school’s membership fee. They enable schools of limited means to partner with us.

Alan Main and Termain Kyles

Anne Rose

Brian Matthews

James Rowe and Lisa Adams

Joerg Floeck

Miriam Armstrong

Rachel Wong and David Schlesinger

Richard and Martha Clement Rochford

Timothy and Aileen Agnew

William MacArthur

News Decoder Patrons

Patrons are recurring donors who commit to regular, periodic contributions. They help us operate with a predictable financial horizon.

Allison Carragher

Amina Abdiuahab

Carl Hermey

Claire Graves

Cleo O’Donnell

Elaine Monaghan

Germain Graves

Helle Søndergaard

Jerome Ingenhoff

Peter Greiff

Reed Stevenson

Robert Taggart

Savannah Jenkins

Steve Rasin

William Sposato

Become a supporter

Visit our Donate page to become a News Decoder supporter today. If your donation comes within one of the donor categories outlined above, we will recognize your name on this page (unless you prefer to remain anonymous). Thank you.

Our Supporters
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