School partnerships

Services included in a school partnership

News Decoder is an innovative educational resource for schools committed to teaching global citizenship. Students at our partner schools have exclusive access to an array of interactive, hands-on educational services:


  • Content Production
  • Cross-School Collaboration
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • E-Learning Courses
  • International Podcast Series
  • Educators’ Catalog
  • Social Media Promotion

How students benefit from our services

Global citizenship education is a United Nations priority and Sustainable Development Goal. The following chart outlines how the educational services we offer enable students at our partner schools to develop skills and behaviors that foster the internationally-recognized core global citizenship competencies.

How a school partnership works

News Decoder is a resource that is available to the entire school community.

At the outset out of each school year, we host virtual orientation workshops with faculty and Student Ambassadors to introduce them to our program and services. We also distribute our school handbook to faculty and Student Ambassadors. Faculty provide us with the names and email addresses of their students, which enables us to grant those students access to our exclusive educational resources.

Throughout the school year, faculty and students take advantage of News Decoder in different ways. Faculty use us in their classrooms; global studies leaders and CAS coordinators incorporate News Decoder into their programs; student clubs leverage our resources to bolster the quality of their work; and students individually engage with us, including through our twice-yearly storytelling contest or to fulfill the Creativity, Activity, Service component of their IB Diploma Programme.

School Partnerships