News Decoder is an innovative educational resource for schools committed to teaching global citizenship. Students at our partner schools have exclusive access to an array of interactive journalism education services that help them expand their horizons.

Our services

Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content Production

Students identify and pitch their story ideas, conduct reporting and create publishable multimedia content for a variety of contexts: as a classroom assignment; for their cross-border webinar; to submit to our twice-yearly Storytelling Contest; or to fulfill the Creativity, Activity, Service component of the IB Programme.


Cross Border Webinars

Cross-School Collaboration

Member schools are paired across regions to research and report on a shared theme in webinars and multimedia production.

Student teams identify topics, conduct research and reporting, present their findings and co-produce multimedia packages that showcase their work.




News Decoder’s editorial team provides one-on-one mentoring for students participating in our Pitch, Report, Draft, Revise process.

We offer personalized feedback that challenges students to consider diverse perspectives, check their biases, consult experts and identify solutions.



In-person or virtual workshops are available to all of our partner schools, led by a correspondent or member of News Decoder’s editorial team.

Workshop topics include pitching, reporting, interviewing, writing, media literacy and podcast creation.

E Learning

E-Learning Courses

Students have exclusive access to our E-Learning library, which includes 30-minute courses developed by professional journalists on reporting, drafting, media literacy and podcast creation.


Podcast Series

Students can participate in the News Decoder podcast, co-produced with media partner and published on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple.

News Decoder provides our students with an opportunity to engage in local and global issues in an authentic way. Through publishing their own work, working with experts in the field or collaborating with other students from around the world, News Decoder has proven to be an
invaluable resource.
Aric Vissar

Former Head of Schools & Programs, School Year Abroad

What is extremely convenient about News Decoder is it is flexible. Students can adapt pieces they’ve worked on for their classes or use this outlet to publish on any other topics of interest. This gives them the chance to drive their own learning while honing their critical thinking and communication skills.
Maya Schkolne

Humanities Faculty, African Leadership Academy, South Africa

Working with News Decoder has been eye-opening. It helped me understand there are other ways to look at issues beyond the simple binary of right and wrong. I deeply appreciate having had the opportunity to learn from them.

Saga Leslie

Former Student Ambassador, The Thacher School, USA

How students benefit from our services

Global citizenship education is a United Nations priority and Sustainable Development Goal. Our services are designed to help students develop the core global citizenship competencies, including knowledge of global issues and their interconnectedness, ability to communicate, appreciation of diversity and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about our unique approach to global citizenship education.

How a school partnership works

News Decoder is a resource that is available to the entire school community.

When a school becomes a full member of News Decoder, all students, faculty and administrators are eligible to be registered on News Decoder’s website to access the exclusive educational resources in the members-only section. We host virtual orientation workshops with faculty and Student Ambassadors to introduce them to our services and explain how to embed News Decoder in their classrooms and extracurricular activities. All participants receive our comprehensive School Handbook.

Throughout the school year, News Decoder leads journalism skills workshops, runs storytelling contests, distributes the monthly Educators’ Catalog, hosts cross-border collaborative webinars and leads students in creating a podcast series.

Watch highlights from the 2022-2023 academic year below.


School Partnerships
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