School partnerships

We partner with schools around the world to teach journalistic skills and behaviours that make young people better global citizens. 

Services included in a school partnership

News Decoder is an innovative educational resource for schools committed to teaching global citizenship. Students at our partner schools have exclusive access to an array of interactive, hands-on educational services:


  • Multimedia Content Production
  • Cross-School Collaboration
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • E-Learning Courses
  • International Podcast Series
  • Educators’ Catalog
  • Social Media Promotion

How students benefit from our services

Our services are designed to help students develop the core global citizenship competencies, including knowledge of global issues and their interconnectedness, ability to communicate, appreciation of diversity and critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Global citizenship education is a United Nations priority and Sustainable Development Goal. To learn about global citizenship education and how we foster global citizenship competencies in young people, click on the button below.

How a school partnership works

News Decoder is a resource that is available to the entire school community.

At the outset out of each school year, we host virtual orientation workshops with faculty and Student Ambassadors to introduce them to our services and explain how to embed them in their classrooms and extracurricular activties. We also distribute our School Handbook, which explains how to make the most of all our services.

Early in the school year, faculty provide us with the names and email addresses of the students in their school. With this information, students are registered to access the exclusive educational resources on our site.

Throughout the school year, News Decoder systematically drives engagement with faculty and students across the school. We lead workshops, run storytelling contests, distribute our monthly Educators’ Catalog, host a series of global webinars featuring students and experts from different parts of the world and lead students in creating a multi-episode podcast series.

News Decoder provides our students with an opportunity to engage in local and global issues in an authentic way. Through publishing their own work, working with experts in the field or collaborating with other students from around the world, News Decoder has proven to be an
invaluable resource.

Aric Vissar

Former Head of Schools & Programs, School Year Abroad

Working with News Decoder has been eye-opening. It helped me understand there are other ways to look at issues beyond the simple binary of right and wrong. I deeply appreciate having had the opportunity to learn from them.

Saga Leslie

Former Student Ambassador, The Thacher School

What is extremely convenient about News Decoder is it is flexible. Students can adapt pieces they’ve worked on for their classes or use this outlet to publish on any other topics of interest. This gives them the chance to drive their own learning while honing their critical thinking and communication skills.

Maya Schkolne

Humanities Faculty, African Leadership Academy

School Partnerships
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