Lebanon explosion hits nation already on its knees

Disaster was awaiting Lebanon, its finances in tatters. Now a huge explosion has compounded the challenges facing the tiny but pivotal nation.

COVID-19 overturns stereotypes in Italy and Britain

Italy is all chaos, while Britain epitomises civility, right? Think twice, because COVID-19 has helped to turn clich├ęs upside down.

Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 alter sport of cricket

International cricket resumed play this month, significantly altered by COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Youth must be heard as the world rebuilds after COVID-19

The world's youth will shoulder the long-term costs of COVID-19. They must play a central role in shaping the global economy and averting climate disaster.

Tiny Iceland is a dogged adversary in COVID-19 fight

Iceland has had only 10 deaths so far due to COVID-19. Testing and early use of track-and-trace have kept the new coronavirus in check.

Time again for a U.S. election to rivet the world

We foreigners often scoff at Americans. But like it or not, the world always pays rapt attention to the U.S. election, and this year is no exception.

Can plant-based meat help save the planet?

Meat production contributes to global warming. Will the planet shift to plant-based meat to help avert catastrophic climate change?

We teenagers need to learn to use technology wisely

U.S. teenagers are increasingly depressed and spending more and more time on smartphones. But technology, used wisely, can make us smarter, safer and happier.

She left Colombia for safety and opportunities in the U.S.

We wanted to learn about immigration. So Sabina told us her story about leaving Colombia for the U.S. to escape violence and embrace opportunities.

When did fake news start? A long, long time ago!

Propaganda, advertising, political spin, storytelling -- fake news can take many shapes. It got its start a long time ago, and there's no quick fix.

News media is no match for Trump and his tall tales

U.S. presidents have often twisted the truth. But Donald Trump has flooded the news media with falsehoods in a unique challenge to democratic institutions.

My life in journalism, where facts & truth count

The world has changed dramatically since I was a cub reporter. But facts and truth should still matter in the world of journalism.

Decoder: China lends huge sums to rebuild ancient Silk Road

It's one of the biggest projects ever. Here's how China plans to rebuild the ancient Silk Road -- and how its plan could reshape the globe.

COVID-19 vaccine

Decoder: Risks and rewards in COVID-19 vaccine race

The world will need a COVID-19 vaccine to end the pandemic without millions of deaths. The race is on, with a half dozen candidates in the lead.

Decoder: Why are U.S. troops all over the world?

Despite an isolationist president and a plan to withdraw from Afghanistan, the U.S. has some 200,000 troops scattered around the world.

A cleaner, faster, zippier website is coming at News Decoder

To reach more young people, we're redesigning News Decoder's website so it's cleaner, faster and better looking. Deadline? End of August.

News Decoder fetes 5th birthday with eye on the future

Correspondents, trustees and advisors held a virtual birthday party to celebrate News Decoder's 5th birthday and to look to future challenges.

Changes afoot as News Decoder looks to the future

As News Decoder celebrates its 5th birthday, our communications manager tackles new challenges while her successor will help position us for future growth.