COVID-19 will last months more, health journalist predicts

People should not expect a quick end to the COVID-19 pandemic, which will likely last months, health journalist Maggie Fox tells a News Decoder town hall.

Soft power: Stirring symbols amid COVID-19 ravaging

China wasted no time shipping aid to Italy as the European nation struggled to contain the coronavirus — "soft power" to counter criticism of Beijing.

New approaches needed to care for youth with HIV

Young people make up a growing share of those with HIV and are less likely to medicate properly. New approaches are needed to protect youth.

Did a soccer match in Italy’s epicentre spur COVID-19?

A team from a small town in Italy made it to Europe’s top soccer tournament. Delirious fans hugged each other. Then COVID-19 turned joy to sorrow. By Iain Rodger Imagine the…


Pandemic or war, crises demand solidarity

COVID-19 has forced billions of people into lockdown. Two survivors of earlier crises tell how solidarity and patience are antidotes to fear.

Will COVID-19 hinder change in the Middle East?

Protesters across the Middle East had been hoping for a second Arab Spring. The coronavirus has driven them off the streets. But for how long?

Youth ‘warriors’ tackle noxious plastic pollution

Plastic pollution hurts humans, animals and the environment. Students from around the world gathered recently to share tactics in tackling the problem.

My fateful decision to forgo learning Spanish

Spanish is the language of my roots and family. But when given the chance to learn it, I followed my peers and learned French. I know the taste of regret.

Will COVID-19 worsen inequality in New York City?

Many wealthy New York City residents can ride out the coronavirus crisis in second homes. But needier citizens face a very different reality.

As a journalist, I had to take a tough decision

Ethnic Albanians fleeing fighting presented a dilemma. It was distressing to hear their cries for help. But as a journalist, I was there to bear witness.

Media literacy: Bending over backwards to be fair

In an age of polarized electorates, trust in the media is rock bottom. But good journalists adhere to principles that safeguard fairness and balance.

Deciphering Trump through an African trade deal

Donald Trump has disparaged African countries in no uncertain terms. Why, then, does he keep meeting Kenya's leader in the White House?

Decoder: Why the coronavirus demands that we act

Most cases of the new coronavirus disease are mild. Those most at risk have underlying health conditions. Why all the fuss then?

Massacre haunts divided Caucasus amid shaky ceasefire

Azerbaijan blames Armenia for a massacre of civilians in the South Caucasus. Armenia denies the charge. Meanwhile, lasting peace proves elusive.

Decoder: Managing public health crises like coronavirus

The World Heath Organization has declared the new coronavirus a global public health emergency. What does that mean? And what are the dangers?

Decoder Spotlight: Friends Seminary shines

U.S. school Friends Seminary wins this month's Decoder in the Spotlight award for engaging with News-Decoder through a webinar, article, quiz and class.

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