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Media literacy

Media literacy is about evaluating the context and claims of media messaging.


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Media literacy

Want to take news photos? Then always be prepared.

Want to take news photos? Then always be prepared.

Technology has revolutionized news photos since I launched my career decades ago. But the maxim "always be prepared" still holds true.All photos by Enrique Shore“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” So said Manuel León Lopez, my photojournalism professor at the University of...

Should I have ridden that helicopter during the Vietnam War?

Should I have ridden that helicopter during the Vietnam War?

Good journalists try to remain neutral. I once hopped on a U.S. military helicopter during the Vietnam War. Had I abandoned my principles?U.S. troops during Operation Lam Son 719, February 1971. This photo was on the last roll of film received from Associated Press photographer Henri Huet, one of...

When did fake news start? A long, long time ago!

When did fake news start? A long, long time ago!

Propaganda, advertising, political spin, storytelling -- fake news can take many shapes. It got its start a long time ago, and there's no quick fix. The U.S. Declaration of Independence (Wikipedia) This article is adapted from keynote remarks that were to be delivered at educational conferences...



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