I survived COVID-19 after observing SARS and HIV

I covered SARS and watched the spread of HIV. For me, COVID-19 has been altogether different — in part because I had to fight it off.

Cholera & the Keystone Cops — 50 years before COVID-19

Cholera swept the globe half a century before COVID-19. But nothing, not even Keystone Cops, could stop our road trip to Moscow.

World’s youth can learn from Black Lives Matter protests

Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S. can spur change around the world. Youth can play a key role in the fight for equality, says a young African educator.

Black Lives Matter,protests,world

Do Black Lives Matter protests matter for the world?

Will Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S. over racial injustice spur change there and around the world? Human rights advocate Steve Crawshaw hopes so.

Northern Ireland offers an example of police reforms

Violence against Black Americans has thrust U.S. police reforms to the fore. Northern Ireland has grappled with its own history of police prejudice.

Agog at U.S. race protests, Russians draw own conclusions

U.S. protests over race have given some Russians an excuse to bash America. Others fear street action in Russia is a distant dream.

She left Colombia for safety and opportunities in the U.S.

We wanted to learn about immigration. So Sabina told us her story about leaving Colombia for the U.S. to escape violence and embrace opportunities.

Chinatown offered me a window into immigration

I'd gone to Chinatown before, but only when I looked closely did I see how waves of immigration have shaped its character and history.

‘The Wizard of Oz’ — a parable of political deceit

Dorothy's adventures in 'The Wizard of Oz' offer more than fantasy for children. Like the wizard behind his curtain, politicians world-wide deal in deceit.

News media is no match for Trump and his tall tales

U.S. presidents have often twisted the truth. But Donald Trump has flooded the news media with falsehoods in a unique challenge to democratic institutions.

My life in journalism, where facts & truth count

The world has changed dramatically since I was a cub reporter. But facts and truth should still matter in the world of journalism.

As a journalist, I had to take a tough decision

Ethnic Albanians fleeing fighting presented a dilemma. It was distressing to hear their cries for help. But as a journalist, I was there to bear witness.

Decoder: China lends huge sums to rebuild ancient Silk Road

It's one of the biggest projects ever. Here's how China plans to rebuild the ancient Silk Road -- and how its plan could reshape the globe.

COVID-19 vaccine

Decoder: Risks and rewards in COVID-19 vaccine race

The world will need a COVID-19 vaccine to end the pandemic without millions of deaths. The race is on, with a half dozen candidates in the lead.

Decoder: Why are U.S. troops all over the world?

Despite an isolationist president and a plan to withdraw from Afghanistan, the U.S. has some 200,000 troops scattered around the world.

Meet News Decoder’s new Student Ambassadors

News Decoder empowers youth around the globe, and our Student Ambassadors make it all possible. Meet the team for the coming academic year.

Good writing is a process, not just pen to paper

What's the secret to good writing? It's a process that can push authors outside their comfort zones as they challenge their assumptions.

News Decoder expands its program in Africa and the U.S.

News Decoder expands its program in Africa and the South of the United States with the addition of two new schools in Tunisia and Mississippi.