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Who Should Join?

Any school can be a News Decoder member. We are particularly well-placed to partner with schools that have:

  • an international outlook or commitment to global citizenship
  • an IB Diploma Programme with a Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) requirement
  • journalism or media classes, clubs or programs
  • an openness to innovative educational methods.

Our global community spans 18 countries across five continents. By joining our school network, your students will have the opportunity to engage and collaborate virtually with their peers around the world.

Membership Levels

News Decoder offers several membership options to best suit the needs of our schools, ranging from a student-led engagement model to one-week standalone programming to campus-wide curriculum embedding.

News Decoder School Partnership Levels


News Decoder Clubs are independent student-led engagements with ND learning resources and events. Club members are subscribed to the News Decoder platform and receive access to our publishing resources, E-Learning courses, webinar archive, and self-guided “how to produce a global webinar” toolkit. Club members are eligible to submit stories to our twice-yearly storytelling contest and are featured on our website. Requires a club leader or faculty sponsor to facilitate enrollment process.


At the Classroom level, News Decoder programming complements existing classroom instruction with a one-week, accelerated skill-building experience. This membership includes a live kick-off workshop with News Decoder editors and a seasoned correspondent. Students will then work asynchronously with our editors to find and report a story, with the goal of having a first draft by the end of the week. After the week’s end, students are encouraged to continue working with News Decoder to see their work through ot publication. Content created can be entered into New Decoder’s student storytelling contests.


News Decoder Camps are accelerated skill-building experiences where students will learn how to apply journalism techniques to identify and tell important stories that are happening around them. A kick-off workshop with a News Decoder correspondent will show students what it is like to be a foreign correspondent. Then they will work with ND editors to try their hand at finding and reporting a story in their area for a foreign audience. Content created during the week-long camp can be entered into New Decoder’s student storytelling contests. This engagement is particularly well-suited for schools that host summer programming.


At the All-Campus level, News Decoder is embedded directly into educators’ yearlong curriculum, with all students on campus granted access to our resources. This highly-customizable membership level includes a pairing with a partner school in another region of the world, a cross-border webinar experience and personalized one-on-one mentoring by News Decoder editors.

School Trip Workshops

For your next school trip, News Decoder will prepare your students to think like a foreign correspondent and synthesize their experience into a publishable story. In pre-departure and post-travel workshops, students will learn how to identify a unique story, how to conduct interviews and local research, and put it all together in a story that could be published on our global news site. Includes two one-hour workshops with ND editors and support through the story publication process.

School membership fees

Schools pay a fee that corresponds to the membership level that best suits their needs. Please complete the contact form below to learn more.

News Decoder is committed to extending the diversity of our academic network by partnering with public and private schools in all parts of the world. We recognize that our fees may stretch the means of some schools and offer financial aid options.

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