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Republication for commercial purposes

News Decoder publishes authoritative news articles and decoders by our 50+ correspondents, who have deep experience covering politics, health, the environment, economics, wars, diplomacy, corruption and religion. Our correspondents have collectively covered most of the major news events of the past five decades.

We license our news content to commercial organizations interested in using our media content to complement their own editorial strategies or to engage an audience. We offer two republishing solutions:

Licencing agreement

Syndicate News Decoder content by entering a licensing agreement with us.

Individual copyright licences

Purchase News Decoder content on a one-time basis for a specific purpose.

Republication for educational or non-profit use

In exceptional cases, we permit academic institutions and non-profits to republish or reproduce our content free of charge, provided our written permission is first obtained and News Decoder is cited as the source. If you are an academic insitution or non-profit interested in using our content, please contact us.

Republication snapshots

News Decoder is proud to have its news content licensed by media partner Newsela, an instructional content platform that republishes quality media content at reading levels appropriate for all ages of school children. Millions of U.S. students and teachers use Newsela to find and engage with digital content from reputable sources — including the New York Times, The Economist, National Geographic and Encyclopedia Britannica.

News Decoder is proud to have its content licensed by Independence Educational Publishers, a Cambridge-based media publisher of books aimed at helping teenagers understand complex issues. News Decoder’s content appears in Issues Online, a market-leading digital resource.

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