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Our services complement the International Baccalaureate programme, enabling students to fulfil the Creativity, Activity, Service requirement.

The IB Diploma Programme

Schools that offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme are united in a common mission: to educate their students to be knowledgeable, inquisitive, compassionate, open-minded individuals with empathy for diverse perspectives and intercultural differences.

News Decoder partners with premier schools around the world to teach these hard and soft skills. Our educational services are designed to help young people become competent, conscientious global citizens.

Creativity, Activity, Service

Creativity, Activity, Service (“CAS”) is one of the three essential elements of the IB Diploma Programme. It requires students to demonstrate creative output, physical exertion and service to their communities.

By partnering with News Decoder, IB schools create an unparalleled opportunity for their students to complete CAS activities.

Students who engage with News Decoder are encouraged to explore issues of local, national or global significance through independent research and reporting, interviews with experts, peers and members of their communities, collaboration with professional editors and production of multimedia content.

We work closely with students to publish their content — which can take the form of reported stories, personal essays or creative content such as poetry, rap or podcasts — on our international news site. Students can showcase their published stories in their CAS portfolios, college application packages and job resumes.

Pitch, Report, Draft, Revise

All of News Decoder’s services revolve around a journalistic process — Pitch, Report, Draft, Revise (“PRDR”) — that is designed to help students develop global citizenship competencies, such as knowledge of international issues, an ability to communicate to global audiences, empathy for diverse perspectives and intercultural understanding. To learn more about global citizenship competencies, visit our Global Citizenship Education page.

By following the PRDR process, students proceed through the five CAS stages of investigation, preparation, action, reflection and demonstration. To see examples of students applying the PRDR process and their learning outcomes, check out our brochure for IB schools. 


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