“Working hard should matter. Do not be afraid of hardships.” A Rwandan reflects on being challenged and on change.

Do not fear hardships Get challenged and change

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Below is a poem by Jean Bosco Sibomana, who works at News Decoder partner Kepler in Rwanda.

“It is a narrative and a descriptive poem that depicts the struggle that a course facilitator (an instructor) passes through when embracing a new career or environment (Kepler in this case),” Sibomana said.

“It also shows how, through supporting systems put in place to help him/her, the instructor (newcomer) becomes used to the environment and even a specialist who helps other colleagues who are struggling. The moral of the poem is to never be afraid of embracing changes and challenges, as they shape us into a more mature and experienced person.”

Get Challenged and Change

The post he had expected
Has then been presented.
He had been dreaming to stand
In the green pasture of the land
And overcome the suffering
He has been for long enduring

He went through admittance test
He wanted to prove he was the best
By outcompeting any competitor
He became a suitable instructor.
For his very first experience,
He did not show any resilience

By Canvas he was baffled
By typing he was puzzled.
Could he meet expectation,
In that world of desolation,
Without a plan for support
To prevent a probable abort?

Classroom norms, teacher talk time
Canvas building, grading deadline
Core values and tech checklist,
He was trained to be a specialist.
By overcoming all the hurdles
He was among the role models

Coping with change is a bit bitter
Working hard should matter.
You can’t dream to inherit heaven
Without working times seven
Do not be afraid of hardships
As they are like internships

Questions to consider:

  1. The poem is about difficulties a course instructor faced when starting a new career. Speak to one of your teachers and ask them, “What difficulties did you face when you started out?”
  2. What role does education play in conflict resolution?
  3. Has there been a time when you have overcame a challenge? What was the challenge, and what lessons did you draw from the experience?
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Jean Bosco Sibomana is a Lecturer and Subject Manager at Kepler in Rwanda, where he teaches communications-related courses. Sibomana has a master’s degree in Genocide Studies and Prevention. Under the supervision of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide, he conducted and presented research on the history of genocide in four districts in Rwanda. He enjoys teaching and sport.

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