By Nelson Graves

News-Decoder helps young people around the world understand major international events and issues.

Above is a video compilation of tidbits from some of our webinars, which bring experts together with curious young adults to discuss the world’s most pressing problems.

In the past year, we’ve held sessions on climate change, human rights, the Syrian civil war, Islam, China, populism, defense and security, U.S. presidential politics, the international economy, the Middle East, democracy and refugees.

We’ve had experts like Rami Khouri, an internationally renowned writer and academic, and students like Sari Samikie of Greens Farms Academy, one of the 16 academic institutions in our pilot program, share their perspectives.

In the video, you’ll see News-Decoder correspondent Alan Wheatley hold up an Apple iPhone to hammer home a point about international trade.

You’ll hear Jane Macartney, formerly The Times’s China bureau chief, discuss “the most astonishing achievement” — the fact that China has lifted 600 million people out of poverty in 30 years.

And human rights expert Steve Crawshaw describes a peaceful protester being clubbed who says, “As I lay there, on the ground, being beaten, I felt free for the first time.”

If knowledge is freedom, we hope we are doing our part to liberate young people’s minds.

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