The school in the U.S. state of Delaware becomes News Decoder’s 23rd academic partner with a focus on building 21st-century global skills.


Faculty at The Tatnall School in Delaware gather for a News Decoder information session.

The Tatnall School in the U.S. state of Delaware will join the News Decoder community for the 2022–23 school year, becoming our 23rd academic partner.

Founded in 1930, The Tatnall School is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory day school situated on a pastoral, 110-acre (44.5-hectare) campus. Tatnall includes four academic divisions with 550 students from age 3 through high school.

“A continuing goal for Tatnall School’s Upper School faculty is to develop a curriculum that reflects ‘best practice’ for student learning in the 21st century,” said Bill Schluter, Head of Upper School.

“To accomplish this, it should be relevant, allow for student agency, promote critical thinking/writing and encourage a genuine global perspective. We believe that News Decoder checks all these boxes, and does so in a way that is very manageable.”

On June 14, I had the opportunity to visit the Tatnall campus to launch the partnership with a faculty presentation and planning session on how News Decoder resources can best complement the Upper School’s curriculum goals.

Tatnall is committed to helping youth become better global citizens.

In English Teacher Carrie Simpson’s Global Literature & Journalism class, students will develop their journalistic writing skills with News Decoder while examining how global issues like human rights, genocide and bioethics are expressed locally. They’ll explore media literacy and interviewing topics with our E-Learning courses.

The AP English class plans to incorporate News Decoder’s Pitch-Report-Draft-Revise process into nonfiction and personal reflection writing units, while science classes are envisioning creative ways to utilize News Decoder, particularly to enhance research on climate change.

In addition to embedding News Decoder within classes, Tatnall will launch a club for interested students to take advantage of workshops, webinars, mentoring and publishing opportunities. Students will collaborate with peers in other countries to investigate global issues and present their findings in webinars and through multimedia content.

As a small and agile educational startup, News Decoder is able to tailor our services to meet our members’ academic priorities. With our partnership with The Tatnall School, News Decoder strengthens our commitment to help young people grow as global citizens through innovative learning opportunities.

Maria Krasinski

Maria Krasinski is News Decoder’s Managing Director. Previously she worked in public diplomacy exchange programs and digital youth media before serving in the Peace Corps in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is also a published illustrator with her second book coming out in October 2022.

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