Podcasting where the press is under pressure

Podcasting where the press is under pressure

Ljudmila Janković is a journalist in the Balkans, where speech isn’t quite free. But podcasting there might help foster a more independent media. Ljudmila Janković. (Photo courtesy Press Freedom Foundation) In the Western Balkans, journalists operate within a...

A free press is a central component of a democratic society. But press freedom worldwide is far from guaranteed. In this article, News Decoder Communications Specialist Andrea Knezevic interviews Ljudmila Janković of Press Freedom Foundation Serbia to uncover the challenges journalists face in the Balkans.

Exercise: As students dive into the world of journalism, help them explore the many ways to tell stories — audio, visual, text. After reading the article, students should listen to the text’s accompanying podcast episode. What are the nuances of audio versus text storytelling? Which types of stories lend themselves to audio best? You may consider following up with a podcast interviewing assignment for students. 

Genocide conviction puts focus on global justice

By Colin McIntyre A 40-year jail sentence for genocide handed down to former Bosnian leader Radovan Karadžić last month draws a line under one of Europe’s darkest periods since the end of World War Two. The case also brought into sharp focus the thorny issue of...

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