By Nelson Graves

Immigration, Syria’s civil war, climate change, populism, fake news, the international economy, human rights, Islam, the Panama Papers.

News-Decoder has examined all of these issues, not only on our website but also in online seminars featuring experts and young people side-by-side tackling the world’s biggest problems.

The webinars are a way of bringing young people from around the world together to examine the really major topics. They complement our website and offer a platform for the exchange of contrasting and sometimes conflicting viewpoints.

Links to our webinars
To see a list of our webinars with links to the replays, click here.

All of the webinars are archived on News-Decoder’s YouTube channel. In many cases, both the full-length version and a shortened summary are available to the public.

Between January and March, we held three webinars devoted to “fake news.” Students at News-Decoder’s partner institutions were front and center in each of the sessions along with experts.

In one of the webinars, students at Savannah Country Day School in the United States peppered media expert Peter Bale with questions:

Does fake news change people’s minds or just act as a confirmation of what one already believes? How can an average person know who to trust and how much one can trust them? Are there any examples of times when fake news, propaganda or disinformation brought down or undermined governments?

Several of our webinars have focused on immigration — an issue that is affecting nations, and politics, around the world — including one session with students at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut; the American Foundation School of Monterrey in Mexico; and King’s Academy in Jordan.

We have held a webinar on populism featuring students at American University in Washington, DC; Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece; and King’s College London.

Most recently, in association with the Global Online Academy‘s “Catalyst Conference” encouraging young people to spur change, we organized webinars with two former foreign correspondents who are now doing not-for-profit advocacy work: Sean Maguire of Plan International and Robert Mahoney of the Committee to Protect Journalists.

You can view all of our webinars on News-Decoder’s YouTube channel.

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