Seven years after its launch, News Decoder is searching for a new Educational News Director to succeed founder Nelson Graves.

News Decoder is looking for a new educational news leader

(Artwork by Sandrine Courau)

For everything, there is a season. At News Decoder, it’s time for change.

Today we are posting an advertisement to find an Educational News Director. “The successful candidate,” the ad reads, “will be the editorial face of News Decoder, mentoring students from our partner schools to build journalistic skills and working with our professional correspondents who publish on our news site.”

It’s what I’ve had fun trying to do for seven years. Now it’s time to give someone else a chance to put their mark on our nonprofit.

When we launched News Decoder in 2015, the initial challenge was to survive. Now, with 22 academic partners in 17 countries, and more than 1,300 stories on our website, we have a sustainable organization with terrific prospects to grow.

For me, it’s been a hugely rewarding experience, creating something with meaning and purpose from scratch. Before News Decoder, I enjoyed my years in the journalistic trenches and as a teacher, but there’s something truly special about launching and then nurturing a startup.

It’s a bit like having children. And similarly, there comes a time to let the child carve their own path.

Taking News Decoder to the next level

We’re looking for someone, as the ad says, who has “a passion for teaching young people, an entrepreneurial spirit and an unbending commitment to global citizenship and journalistic integrity.”

What can be more rewarding and meaningful than to help young people become better global citizens? It’s been our mission from the start, and it’s never been needed more than now.

In our search for the best candidate, we want to cast the net far and wide, consistent with our global outlook and footprint. If you know of someone who might be interested and who has what it takes, encourage them to apply.

I won’t be stepping back right away, as it will be important to ensure the successful candidate enjoys a smooth transition into a multi-faceted role. I’ll remain on the Board of News Decoder’s governing nonprofit, Nouvelles-Découvertes.

I’ll be leaving News Decoder in the very capable hands of Managing Director Maria Krasinski, Director of Development Thea Lacey and Communications Intern Nicole DiSante. They will be supported by our correspondents, donors, advisors and partners around the world.

At News Decoder, it’s been my privilege to work with so many young people around the world and to know that some have learned lessons that will serve them for a lifetime.

Strange as it may sound, I’m excited to relinquish that privilege to a successor, who will help take News Decoder to new heights.

(Nelson Graves is the founder of News Decoder.)


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