By Nelson Graves

Today we are launching our annual fund-raising campaign.

Why should you donate to News-Decoder?

News-Decoder’s work with young people around the world depends on the generosity of our supporters.

We help young people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives come to a common understanding of the issues that will dominate their lives.

We help young people who are drowning in information sort fact from fiction. To make sense of the news.

We make better global citizens.

“Through News-Decoder, I’ve been able to develop my own opinions about world events thanks to historical context given by the correspondents and other students in the program,” Ella Steinhilber of School Year Abroad France says in this video.

Making a difference in the world

News-Decoder has come a long way since we launched the not-for-profit three and a half years ago.

We now have 17 schools in 10 countries in our network. That’s thousands of students spread across five continents.

“I believe through News-Decoder, there’s a chance to make a big impact across boundaries connecting young people so that they feel invested in their future and can make a difference in the world. That’s important,” said Christian Henry, chief program officer at NoticeAbility.

But we don’t want to rest on our laurels. To grow and achieve our mission, we need your support.

This fund-raising drive will help us spread News-Decoder’s message to more young people, in more countries. A successful campaign will enable us to hire a second young person and to visit every school to mentor students and expand our global network.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 from at least 100 donors. No gift is too small. Feeling strapped for cash? Consider a modest recurring gift — a vote of confidence in our future.

There can be no let-up in the fight against climate change. For human rights and democracy. For peace among well-meaning nations.

Your support will help us attain our goal of reaching young people in the four corners of the globe with News-Decoder’s message of understanding, insight and tolerance.

You can donate using the form at the bottom of this page, or by clicking here. The campaign will run from November 23 until December 31.

Thank you very much.

The form is not published.

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