Hewitt’s main campus in New York (photo courtesy of Hewitt School)

The Hewitt School, an all-girls school in New York, is joining News-Decoder as our 18th academic partner.

“As a school whose four academic pillars of presence, empathy, research and purpose mandate a total consciousness, Hewitt is honored to join the News-Decoder community,” Maureen Burgess, dean of Teaching and Learning, said.

News-Decoder works with students around the world to help them better understand critical global issues and to learn from each other and from experts. Our partners currently have programs in 10 countries.

“News-Decoder’s mission to foster global understanding among young people and engage them in international relationships around real world problems, hopes and stories aligns powerfully with Hewitt’s values and commitments in educating young women to be leaders for today and tomorrow,” said Burgess, who is also head of the Middle School at the institution in Manhattan.

As of July 1, Burgess will become Assistant Head of School for Learning and Innovation.

Hewitt becomes the third all-girls school in News-Decoder’s network, joining Miss Porter’s School and Westover School, both in the U.S. state of Connecticut.

Founded in 1920, Hewitt educates girls from Kindergarten through high school. Its academic program is built around four pillars — presence, empathy, research and purpose.

“By understanding and ultimately surpassing society’s often-rigid expectations for how girls should behave and succeed, a Hewitt girl displays a rare combination of empowerment and empathy, camaraderie and compassion, grit and grace, all the while constructing a life uniquely her own and of consequence to something larger than herself,” said Beth Lind, head of communications at Hewitt.

News-Decoder’s schools have programs in China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Italy, Jordan, South Africa, South Korea, Spain and the United States.

News-Decoder’s partner schools work in teams to examine crucial global issues. Themes that students will be tackling over the next year include walls and bridges, war and peace, identity, wealth and poverty, health and wellness, truth and fiction, and the environment.

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