This photo report complements two stories by students at Friends Seminary school on New York City’s fight against climate change.

By Rocco Danese

For this photo series, I decided to focus on a variety of buildings in New York City.

New York is so diverse, with commercial and residential buildings on every city block. I wanted to capture these buildings to highlight new initiatives in fighting climate change.

Buildings that aim to cut back greenhouse emissions range from well-known skyscrapers such as the Freedom Tower and Empire State Building to smaller, residential buildings in Brooklyn.

I have always been an advocate for fighting climate change and a photography enthusiast. I was very excited when offered the chance to combine these two passions into a project.

Rocco Danese is in his final year of high school at Friends Seminary in New York City. He is passionate about journalism and digital photography, and enjoys studying American History and Arabic. He plans to study Finance at university. 

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