By Karina Andersen

We live in a farming-based community, so we often hear of the struggles local farmers face from a changing climate and rising temperatures.

Our video explores how agricultural practices affect the environment and the ways farmers are changing their practices to better protect the environment and our food supply.

The video is the product of two months of research and interviews with local industry officials and farmers. We’ve learned how our agricultural system needs to change to become more sustainable.

One topic that came up repeatedly in our interviewees was “regenerative agriculture.” It involves capturing carbon in the soil through healthy farming techniques that increase biodiversity and crop yield. If this practice became widespread, it could significantly reduce the carbon footprints of farms.

We hope our video raises awareness of the ways agriculture can combat climate change. It was an awesome and inspiring experience to hear from such a wide variety of passionate experts in the field.


  1. What new measures are being taken to reverse the effects of the drought?
  2. What personal actions can be taken to reduce water use?
  3. How do rising temperatures affect farmers?
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ScienceEnvironmentWatch: Experts tell us how to make farming sustainable