When Jasmine Horsey wrote to News-Decoder, she sent five writing samples. They ranged from women’s rights in Guatemala to a TEDx conference.

When Jasmine Horsey wrote to ask about News-Decoder, she submitted five writing samples.

They focused on women’s rights in Guatemala, novelist Harper Lee, competition for spots in UK universities, a U.S. weather warning and a TEDx conference entitled, “Solve for y.”

Now Jasmine will be bringing her wide-ranging interests and talents to News-Decoder, joining Pauline Bock and me this summer to lift our project off the ground.

After her six-week stint with News-Decoder starting in July, Jasmine will begin her final year of undergraduate studies at Yale University, where she is studying English and serves as managing editor of The Yale Globalist, a quarterly devoted to international affairs and written by students.

When the UK national completed her international baccalaureate diploma in 2011, she finished among the top 0.4% of candidates worldwide. No surprise for someone who in high school won class prizes for English, French, History, Classical Civilization and German.

“Jasmine is very curious about the world, and intrepid in exploring it,” wrote one of her university professors, calling Jasmine “an independent thinker, an excellent writer, and a strong member of an intellectual community.”

Jasmine has written for The Times in London, The New Criterion in New York and the Yale Daily News.

In May she accompanied 11 other Yale students on a reporting trip to Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina to do on-the-ground reporting for a special issue of The Yale Globalist this autumn.

Jasmine and Pauline bring intellectual firepower as well as a passion for journalism and international affairs to News-Decoder.

I can’t think of two better ambassadors for our mission as News-Decoder moves from concept to reality.

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