COP28 begins today in Dubai. World leaders will negotiate ways to reverse carbon buildup. We give you some resources to help you make sense of it all.

People gather ahead of the COP28 U.N. Climate Summit, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

People gather ahead of the COP28 UN Climate Summit, Tuesday, 28 November 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool)

Today some 70,000 delegates from 197 countries are expected to gather in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for the 28th United Nations Conference of the Parties, also known as COP28.

They will try to work out complicated agreements to put in place policies that would mandate changes in the way governments and businesses operate in order to stop the rise in carbon emissions and keep the planet from warming. This is considered an existential crisis: without significant changes across the globe now, the future habitability of the planet is in jeopardy. A focal point of this United Nations Conference of the Parties is the question of how much wealthy nations are willing to support poorer nations in climate cleanup efforts. 

Will they pay to clean up the pollution they create? 

These are complicated issues. News Decoder has created a series of articles and webinars to help you decode them.


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