By Alexandra Gray

On October 1, News-Decoder launched a fundraising campaign to reach more young people around the world.

The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to enable us to forge new partnerships with schools in new countries — all with a view to helping develop more global citizens. Our success depends on the generosity of our supporters.

How close are you to achieving your campaign goal?

We’re still a ways off. Our goal for this year’s fundraising campaign is to raise $25,000. We are off to a slow start, having raised roughly 10% of our targeted amount. We hope you’ll consider making a contribution, large or small.

You can donate using the form below, or by clicking here. Our campaign will run through the remaining weeks in October.

How does News-Decoder develop global citizens?

News-Decoder partners with schools around the world and provides an array of innovative educational services to their students.

Our editorial team and network of correspondents guide and mentor students through educational activities that include producing multimedia content, presenting in global webinars and connecting with experts and students around the world. These activities help students develop core global citizenship competencies, including knowledge of global issues, appreciation of different cultures and an ability to communicate to global audiences.

To give you a sense of our impact, students at Connecticut’s Greens Farms Academy were able to learn from peers around the globe about the Syrian refugee crisis. Janet Hartwell, GFA’s former head of school, noted that the webinar showed students “the world behind the ivy-covered walls.”

Students also have unique opportunities to work with professional editors, who help them identify story ideas, conduct research and reporting and produce multimedia content that is published on our news site. For example, with our help, Raghda Obeidat, a student at King’s Academy in Jordan, was able to produce a five-part series on women’s rights in the Middle East that won first prize in our April storytelling contest.

What will my donation support?

Our focus in 2019, 2020 and beyond is on expanding our global footprint. Your support will enable us to join international educational associations in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East and to present to their member schools’ educators and administrators.

For example, in the coming months, News-Decoder will be meeting educators and administrators at the annual conference of the Mediterranean Association of International Schools in Rome; at the Global Education Benchmark Group’s Global Partnerships Summit in Madrid; and at the 2020 Global Issues Network conference in Bangkok.

In the past, we have found that meeting educators and administrators in person is the single most effective way to explain how our program enriches students’ learning. We are confident that our participation in these events will help us expand into new countries and regions — which is instrumental to our mission of broadening young people’s perspectives.

“News-Decoder should be accessible to many different types of schools and not necessarily just the sorts of independent schools like Miss Porter’s that can actually afford to pay a certain amount of money per year,” said Sophie Paris, the Director of the Institute for Global Education at Miss Porter’s School. “I think that their perspectives would be very much valued by the member school community…”

In late 2019, we will also be traveling to London to launch Season Two of The Kids Are Alright podcast with UK-charity, and presenting the third edition of the Global Youth & News Media Prize at News XChange.

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