Young authors have a lot to say, and we need to listen. Here are five tips to help raise your writing to News Decoder’s standard.



Young people have a lot to say. We need to listen — and help them say it.

News Decoder is premised on the notion that young people around the world can learn from each other by sharing viewpoints and experiences. We offer a platform for expression — in writing, audio-visuals and online seminars on big issues.

We receive many submissions for our website, and we publish a good many of them among our student posts. Before an article, photograph, video or infographic sees the light of day on our site, we work with the author to ensure it meets our standards, which are set by our team of correspondents.

With more than a millennium of experience around the world, our correspondents know a thing or two about effective communication.

To help aspiring authors, we’ve compiled a list of writing tips based on the many submissions we’ve received:

1. Writing is a process. No first draft is perfect. Prepare to rewrite.

2. Show, don’t tell.

3. Suspend your judgment and righteousness. Consider other viewpoints.

4. Back up your personal views with facts.

5. Use color and quotes.

We hope these tips prove useful for those who feel the urge to create but could use a helping hand.

The kind of helping hand that our experienced professionals are eager to lend as part of our mission to ensure younger generations are prepared to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

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