I use the human race to play my evil game. I’m to blame for wife-beating, guns, bomb flames. I’m the infamous, rash, spirit of violence.

By Chiro Awoke Ogbo


I am the model of a modern millennial demon
A venomous venerated veteran of a special evil
I’m held high in honor when all of your
People are submitting to my orders
I use the human race to play my evil game
And since you can’t guess yet, let me say out the name
I’m the infamous, rash, spirit of violence, I’m to blame
From wife beating to guns to bomb flames
And I visualize a world of terror intense
A mindless cycle of vengeance of Adam’s descendants.

Since ancient times there’s a ton of things I’ve done
Heck! Since Cain killed Abel I’ve been having my fun
With every single war under the face of the sun
When Washington was saying “We are outgunned!”
Well the human race is completely outmanned, and out planned
Cos I even use other humans as my right hand men.

And I love how all of you can’t seem to see
That every shooting, every conflict has been signed by me
I turn flesh to bones, create broken homes
Constantly playing chess in earth’s little game of thrones
I can’t help but get excited
The way I make you deluded
You keep fighting with arsenal and expect man to be united!

And I find it ironic how you could talk over a conference
A round table discussion with leaders on the circumference,
But you’d rather be constantly violently confronting each other with arms and guns
You can talk over a phone but you rather be hostile
You leaders rather call the shots with bullets on speed dial.

I’ve seen all sorts of violence. Heck. I’ve caused world wars
And I was never on any side but I really always won
But enough with my bragging, let’s talk where I am now
I’m looking at Dad as he enters the house
I’m having too much fun to make out this one’s full meat
And Little Johnny’s watching, so I’ll let him tell it.

Little Johnny

My dad’s gone mad and mum’s sad
And when he comes home he probably would have
His head up in the sky, he’s really always high
Always down at the bar, counting pints in fives

I can see him from the stairs. Of course red eyes
He stops and sees mum, shoves her aside
My dad’s a wild dog. Mum’s calm as a dove
How can I believe those two were ever in love?

I don’t know what to do
My mum never cries but I know she wants to
He walks into the kitchen and comes back outside
He corners my mum then he turns off the light
I can hear my mum screaming! He’s mercilessly beating
She’s trying, fighting, crying but he keeps punching

Dad! I cry. Dad stop please!
And he doesn’t even turn or listen to me
Well he stops hitting, eventually
I think she’s passed out, I no more hear her pleas

It goes silent for a while. The lights come on first
Then he turns and sees me, so guess who’s next.


You don’t even need real eyes to realize that I
Come in the disguise of these guys
All those who chastise kids and beat wives
Are no different from those who shoot schools and terrorize
Cos they are all under my influence, all under my own eyes

And since humans simply don’t see
That unless they unite they can’t defeat me
I’ll grow even stronger as they fight. But here’s the spin
No matter who gets a victory, I’ll really always win.

Chiro Awoke Ogbo is from Lagos, Nigeria and in his first year at the African Leadership Academy in South Africa. Previously he attended Loyola Jesuit College, a boarding school in Abuja, Nigeria, where he spent time developing skills in computer science, writing and music.

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