“Society sets high expectations for beauty. We need to realize we are all beautiful in our own form.” – Photographer Alexandra Hawley

— A photo essay by Alexandra Hawley —

I decided to address “beauty” and the hurt that is placed upon young women by high expectations because I saw it happening in my own community and in myself. I hear comments and whispers about how others look, and I noticed myself talking about others as well. The most important thing to think about is: “How would you feel?” Women need to stop calling each other “fat” because it is simply making it OK for men to do the same. We need to shut down the conversation of who’s most beautiful, and start the conversation of we’re all different and we’re all beautiful.

“Beauty Comes In All Sizes”

“Who I am versus Who I Pretend to Be”


“Good Enough”

Alexandra Hawley, 17, is in her second-to-last year at the Westover School, an all-girls boarding high school in the U.S. state of Connecticut. Her passions are volleyball, lacrosse, singing and, above all, photography. She enjoyed using photography to address a world problem that affects her and her peers at Westover.

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