French artist Sandrine Courau has been with News-Decoder from the start. Now, with a new batch of sketches, she helps us build a global forum.

Many News-Decoder readers will recognize the hand of French artist Sandrine Courau in a batch of new sketches that she has just produced for us.

That’s because Courau has been supporting our not-for-profit start-up since we launched last year and helping us make our mark.

You may be familiar with her drawing of a map of the world inside the letters “N”and “D”, with crowds of people milling below classical arches framing a forum.

That drawing has featured as one of our emblems while we create a global community — a forum — of young people seeking knowledge.

You will have seen it on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.

In some of her new croquis, featured in the above video and the slideshow below, she plays with the same global forum theme.

In others, she takes a new tack, drawing quotes to suggest dialog and conversation around major global themes, or depicting a confused mass of tape around a globe that only “ND” can untangle.

We enjoy Courau’s work because it combines the youthful zest, creativity and originality that we seek at News-Decoder.

Take a look at Courau’s new sketches, and tell us which ones catch your fancy as capturing our mission.

And if you’re an artist yourself, send us your work and we’ll consider featuring it on News-Decoder, too.

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