Two non-profits are joining forces for youth around the world. A podcast highlights News-Decoder and the International Congress of Youth Voices.

A U.S. podcast is featuring News-Decoder and its new partner, the International Congress of Youth Voices (ICYV), in an episode examining the two non-profits’ complementary missions to help young people convey their views and concerns to a global audience. News-Decoder founder Nelson Graves and ICYV co-founder Amanda Uhle discuss their organizations’ work with youth in this week’s podcast by “It’s All Journalism,” which is produced in Washington, DC. “We’re trying to help young people navigate a more complex world and be true to their values that they probably learned in their local communities, but also be open to the possibility that some people elsewhere might see things in a very different way than they do,” Graves told host Michael O’Conner in the podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and PodcastOne. The ICYV is a U.S. non-profit that was founded in 2018 by Uhle and Dave Eggers, an activist and award-winning author. A Paris-based non-profit, News-Decoder helps ICYV delegates shape stories that it publishes on its website. Since April, it has published articles and poems by ICYV delegates on globally important topics, including immigration, gun safety, the Notre-Dame fire and racial diversity.

‘We believe there is great power in getting young people together.’

ICYV brings together youth who are passionate about social issues and keen to drive change in their communities. Its annual conference convenes more than 100 young writers and activists — referred to as delegates — from around the world, as well as leaders from a variety of sectors. ICYV is holding its second global gathering in Puerto Rico this month. “We believe there is great power in getting young people together,” Uhle told the podcast. “Physically. In the same space. We know that young people have important perspectives and are doing important work. And we thought there would be great power in uniting them.” Throughout the year, ICYV works with delegates to help them get published in media outlets in the United States and beyond. News-Decoder works with ICYV delegates to help them deepen their understanding of the world and develop core journalistic skills and behaviors — such as suspending judgment, considering multiple viewpoints and conducting reporting. “Having experienced journalists like Nelson’s organization does is a tremendous asset for a young writer who needs to frame their writing in the context of publication, in the context of who is going to read this and how do I sway them towards my opinion, how do I convey facts impartially, how do I convey a situation that is very real and very intense — especially in a teenage perspective — to a broader audience,” Uhle said. Graves said it makes sense that News-Decoder and ICYV should team up. “ICYV delegates are curious, articulate and committed — characteristics that make for a very strong foundation for anyone who wants to become a thought leader.” To listen to the podcast, click here.
Lauren Heuser is the managing editor and strategy officer of News-Decoder. She previously worked as a deputy editor and columnist for the National Post, a national Canadian newspaper. Lauren has a master of business administration from INSEAD and a law degree from the University of Toronto. Amari Leigh is News-Decoder’s 2019 summer intern. An American citizen, she is studying French and world politics at university in the U.S. state of New York. Born and raised in New York City, Leigh has lived in Brazil, France and Portugal. She enjoys theater, learning languages and exploring new cities.
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