The Pew Research Center, a U.S. think tank, has produced a report on attitudes around the world toward climate change.

It is an extraordinarily detailed compilation of data, presented in Pew style — user friendly — and well timed, coming just ahead of the Paris Climate Change meeting that starts at the end of the month.

Pew rarely wastes time getting to the point, and the report’s headline says a lot: “Global Concern About Climate Change, Broad Support for Limiting Emissions.”

There’s a somewhat disturbing sub-head: “U.S., China Less Worried; Partisan Divides in Key Countries.”

We can’t resist re-publishing some of the many graphs and tables that make this report a pleasure to read, even if the message is sobering.

Latin America, Africa Most Concerned about Climate Change

Latin America, Africa More Concerned about Climate Change Compared with Other Regions

Some Publics Are Less Intensely Concerned than Five Years Ago

Drought Tops Climate Change Concerns across All Regions

Many Say Changes Needed to Lifestyle, Policy

Most Say Rich Countries Should Bear More of Climate Change Cost

In Europe and U.S., Deep Ideological Divides on Concern about Climate Change

Partisan Divide on Climate Change in Major Economies

U.S. Has Stark Partisan Differences on Climate Change

West and Midwest Most Concerned about Drought

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