By Nelson Graves

Last month, News-Decoder launched a funding appeal, and so far we have raised $7,050. That’s half of our goal for our first tranche — to “keep the lights on” — and 10% of our overall target.

We have a ways to go to ensure News-Decoder, a not-for-profit, can meet its mission.

Above is a video explaining what we’re doing, why we’re asking for financial support, what we will do with the money and why you might want to give.

You can help foster global understanding and make sure truth beats fake news.

Q: Why are we asking for contributions?

We want to grow so we can spread our message farther around the globe. With your support, we can tackle misunderstanding dividing people around the world.

Q: What will you do with the money?

  1. We’ll start paying our contributors to ensure we get top-quality stories that make a difference.
  2. We’ll hire an expert to expand our network of schools and universities and to approach foundations.
  3. We’ll use the funds to build a financially sustainable community.

Q: Why donate to News-Decoder?

  1. To foster global understanding
  2. To cast a vote of confidence in young adults
  3. To make sure that truthful and trustworthy reporting wins the day against fake news

Q: How to donate?

It’s easy. Click here to donate through our secure system by credit card, PayPal or check.

Thanks very much.

Nelson Graves
News-Decoder founder

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