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Letter from Castro’s mountain hideout

Memories of Cuba under Castro

By François Raitberger I had my first glimpse of Fidel Castro on my very first day in Cuba, and I was fascinated and ridiculed. As the Reuters correspondent I was invited to a reception for an African president in the lush gardens of a state villa in Havana. There I...

Musings on the death of Fidel Castro

Michael Arkus, who covered Fidel Castro — winning a memorable interview while swimming with “El Comandante” — reflects on what might have been. Michael Arkus was a Reuters correspondent in Cuba at the start of Fidel Castro’s rule. He has written a...

Letter from Castro’s mountain hideout

Remembering feisty Fidel Castro

We asked News-Decoder correspondents for their thoughts and reminiscences about Fidel Castro following the death of the Cuban leader. “Alcohol and music have been banned for nine days.” – Malcolm Davidson I was in Cuba when when news of...

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