Student Ambassadors



Maria ‘Ester’ Kalogeroudi is a recent alumna of the American College of Thessaloniki in Greece who is interning at the college’s Dukakis Center think tank. Maria is passionate about academic and creative writing, economic theory, computers and, most of all, research. She has worked as a librarian assistant, in human resources, as a volunteer private tutor and freelance editor, and she is eager to participate in projects involving contemporary issues.



amarinouAntigone Marinou is a journalism student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. She is an aspiring arts journalist with an interest in copy editing and radio producing. She is currently working as a radio producer, hosting a show about Art in Thessaloniki. In her spare time, she loves experimenting with different music genres, dancing and blogging. She is a natural beauty advocate and an animal rights supporter.



sfriedsonShira Friedson is a junior at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut, in the United States. She has always had a love for writing and is a Layout Editor of the school’s newspaper, The Beachside Press. She also has a particular love for politics and human rights and is thrilled to be a News-Decoder Student Ambassador.



rmcfaddenRae McFadden is a second year student at Indiana University in the United States, studying law and public policy. She believes that knowledge and information are the keys to freedom, empowerment and change. “I got involved with News-Decoder in the hope of inspiring my fellow millennials to engage in conversation about the issues that may shape our future.”


dsokolovaDiana Sokolova is a PhD candidate at the Media School at Indiana University in the United States. Her research focuses on international relations and political communication. She is a Fulbright scholar and holds a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Arizona.




amakAdeline Mak is a high school student at ISF Academy in Hong Kong who is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. She has attended three Model United Nations conferences to widen her understanding of international affairs, to explore possible solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and to encounter different perspectives. She is passionate about science, the environment, visual arts, dance and community service. She has worked as an intern at Hong Kong University’s Department of Microbiology and is currently volunteering for The Nature Conservancy.

cngCynthia Ng is a high school student at ISF Academy in Hong Kong who enjoys studying English Literature, Biology and Chemistry. She is creative, has a passion for life-long learning and takes an interdisciplinary approach towards learning. She participates in student council, yearbook design, Model United Nations and mock trial. In her free time, she loves running, rock climbing and watching TED talks. Cynthia enjoys volunteer work and believes in the importance of mutual empathy and equality.



ssamakie-272x330Sari Samakie was born in Canada and has lived most of his life in Aleppo, Syria. His studies in Syria were interrupted for three years due to the civil war, during which he was captured by the Syrian regime, kidnapped by one rebel group and then held for investigation by another while leaving Syria. Sari is a senior at King’s Academy in Jordan. He has worked for a tech company and also launched an NGO that educates Syrian refugees through the use of technology. He is interested in photography and expressive poetry, and considers Syria his home.



populistsEmma Bapt is a second-year student at King’s College London, studying History and War Studies. She took it upon herself to launch a News-Decoder Society at the university. She has lived in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Milan and Paris, and this past summer was News-Decoder’s intern.



rtjonameeuw-337x423Ruben Tjon-A-Meeuw is a Swiss national in his second year of undergraduate studies at King’s College London, pursuing a degree in European Studies. He is interested in history, current affairs and economics, and hopes to enter a career where he can engage himself passionately with these topics.




tsmith-330x358Tim Smith is in his last year at Menlo School and lives in Los Altos, California. He has traveled a good deal and takes a keen interest in global issues, which he believes need to be viewed from different perspectives. In his free time, he likes making films with his friends, playing guitar and meeting new people.




akaur-535x509Alina Kaur is a first-year student at Novosibirsk State University in southwestern Siberia, Russia, studying journalism. She enjoys traveling and communicating with others, and her favorite author is the Russian-American writer and journalist, Sergei Dovlatov. She dreams “to make this world a little bit better,” and after she finishes her studies, she would like to work in international journalism.




ejamal-640x604Elaynah Jamal is in her final year of high school at Princeton Day School in Princeton, New Jersey. She loves history and journalism, and channels those passions through her school newspaper, The Spokesman, where she has been News Editor for three years. Born into a multi-cultural family, Elaynah believes in the unifying power of shared narratives. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for local government, baking banana bread and going on runs.



smclaughlin_westoverSophie McLaughlin is a student at Westover School, an all-girls boarding school in Middlebury, Connecticut in the United States. Her passions include fighting for women’s rights, hiking and doing local community service. She works closely with Westover’s Rasin Center for Global Justice to help educate the student body on global issues and the importance of diversity.