Foreign ministers of China, France, Germany, the European Union, Iran, Russia, Britain and the United States after reaching an accord on Iran’s nuclear program, Vienna, Austria, 14 July 2015 (EPA/Herbert Neubuer)

China has been steadfast in arguing that the Iran Nuclear agreement must be upheld, saying that only the International Atomic Energy Agency — not the United States or Israel or any other party — can judge compliance.

In an interview with Monocle Radio’s “The Globalist” program, News-Decoder correspondent and founder of consultancy Tripod Advisors David Schlesinger argues that China’s stance is rooted in three key concepts: energy supply, its relationship with the United States as a super power and the North Korean nuclear issue.

Here’s the interview that Schlesinger gave to Monocle Radio:

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World Asia China on Iran nuclear deal: energy, U.S. & North Korea