China’s stance towards the Iran nuclear deal is rooted in three concepts: energy, its relationship with the U.S. and the North Korean nuclear issue.


Foreign ministers of China, France, Germany, the European Union, Iran, Russia, Britain and the United States after reaching an accord on Iran’s nuclear program, Vienna, Austria, 14 July 2015 (EPA/Herbert Neubuer)

China has been steadfast in arguing that the Iran Nuclear agreement must be upheld, saying that only the International Atomic Energy Agency — not the United States or Israel or any other party — can judge compliance.

In an interview with Monocle Radio’s “The Globalist” program, News-Decoder correspondent and founder of consultancy Tripod Advisors David Schlesinger argues that China’s stance is rooted in three key concepts: energy supply, its relationship with the United States as a super power and the North Korean nuclear issue.

Here’s the interview that Schlesinger gave to Monocle Radio:

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