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News-Decoder fosters global understanding by building a borderless community of young people keen to extend their horizons, learn about international affairs and challenge assumptions.

News outlets scrambling for a scoop leave young people in the lurch — aware of breaking events but struggling to understand the significance. N-D addresses the knowledge gap and brings young adults from around the world together on a common platform for sharing insights and perspectives.

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News-Decoder has a website with articles, photographs and video by our correspondents, experts and young contributors. It is linked to a digital platform allowing millennials to debate and discuss the big issues and to exchange insights among themselves and with experts. News-Decoder is a borderless forum for the exchange of ideas among the future leaders of the world.

Nelson Graves

Nelson Graves

News-Decoder is part of a French not-for-profit (association loi de 1901) called Nouvelles-Découvertes whose mission is to inform young people around the world about international relations “with tolerance, objectivity and broad vision.”

News-Decoder was founded by Nelson Graves. Nelson was born in Buffalo, New York, and has traveled the world as a foreign correspondent and educator. News-Decoder is an effort to promote global understanding and to empower the millennial generation to find solutions to the world’s most intractable problems.

It’s an ambitious goal but well worth it.

To reach us, feel free to send an email to info@news-decoder.com. Thank you.



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“News Decoder macht Nachrichten für junge Leute verständlich”netzpiloten “路透社记者:我为什么辞职创业?”

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  • I’m Galo Arellano a jorunalist with Univision in Miami – FL we would like to contact Robert Holloway ASAP. galomau@gmail.com This is related with the terrorist attack in Nice.

  • How can I be a contributor to you. I am living and working in the Middle East for over 26 years. Fluent in 3 languages, and fairly well in 2 – 3 other languages.

  • Excellent initiative by Nelson and his impressive team of writers. I find the pieces highly readable, fresh and insightful. Great job. A compulsory reading by me. Will recommend to my NST editors.

  • Hello. My name is Ayesha Ghulati and I am a student at Queen Mary, University of London studying French and Hispanic Studies. As part of my degree, the third year is a compulsory Year Abroad. I have just finished 4 months at the University of Avignon and I will be starting my studies at the University of Salamanca. Whilst I was in Avignon, I wrote various blogs and I would like to have them published on your website. Please inform me the best way to send you the blogs.

    Best regards.

  • Congratulations – what a good idea and – so important to focus on youth and understanding, background, explanation – i.e. knowledge instead of just information. I’m the director of the Transnational Foundation – http://www.transnational.org – in Lund, Sweden. 30 years in support of the UN Charter norm to make peace by peaceful means. I’ve got about 40 years of research and education experience in peace and conflict studies and on-the-ground experience in a series of hotspots. If you are interested – as you say towards the end of your video – in cooperating with academic institutions too, please contact me at oberg@transnational.org – My best – Jan Oberg

  • Congratulations, Nelson, on harvesting the decades, if not centuries, of journalistic excellence among our former
    colleagues to forge News-Decoder — exactly the kind of news portal I have been longing for as I
    drown in a sea of mediocre network news reporting. Found out about ND from David Schlesinger’s FB post!
    K.T. Arasu

  • I’ve been spending some time on News Decoder: Highly readable articles. Every piece has a voice and it can be heard clearly. Any millennial who wants to broaden her or his knowledge about what’s going on in the world must spend some time on News Decoder. Nelson, you have done an excellent job. Wishing you all the best in building the team.

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