To reach more young people, we’re redesigning News Decoder’s website so it’s cleaner, faster and better looking. Deadline? End of August.

(Joy Matéo of Digit’all Communication)

News Decoder is overhauling its website so it is faster, better organized and better looking — with an ultimate goal of reaching more readers around the world with our message of understanding and empathy.

We have been working with Paris-based website developer Joy Matéo of Digit’all Communication on the new site, which we plan to launch in late August — just before students at our partner institutions start the new academic year. It will be the third site design since we launched in mid-2015.

The plan is for the new site to better showcase both our articles, by experienced correspondents and students alike, and the different services that we provide our academic partners. Those include workshops on how to produce multi-media content; webinars on global issues; online courses on writing, interviewing, media literacy and podcasts.

We’d like the site, which will have the same URL, to have a cleaner, more youthful look — consistent with our target audience of young people around the world.

Unique website content

We’d also like it to more easily spotlight big news issues that emerge from time to time — think COVID-19 or Brexit, as examples — without detracting from our fundamental aim to provide balanced background on issues that reappear regularly in the headlines.

The ultimate objective is to offer a better platform for the many voices that make up our web community and to increase viewership so that it is more closely in line with the quality of our content, which is 100% original. At News Decoder, we do not recycle content from other sources. Everything we publish is unique.

“The only thing constant in life is change,” said Greek philosopher Heraclitus. At News Decoder, we are embracing these changes in our website as we start our sixth year of operations.

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Tendayi Chirawu is News Decoder’s communications and school engagement manager. A citizen of Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia, she completed a double master’s in Global Communication & Civil Society at the American University of Paris and holds a bachelor’s in Journalism and Sociology of Gender. She joined News Decoder in July 2020 and has experience working for non-profit and for-profit organizations in Africa, Asia and Europe. Chirawu is a published author and has previous journalism experience, having written for international news publications.

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