News Decoder and a publisher in Cambridge, England have teamed up to explore contemporary social issues and encourage critical thinking among youth.

A British publisher has included two News Decoder articles in books on drug use and domestic violence, extending our reach into classrooms and youth communities around the world.

Independence Educational Publishers of Cambridge has now reprinted News Decoder articles in seven volumes in their “Issues” series, which explores contemporary social issues and encourages critical thinking among 14- to 18-year-olds.

Their latest publications, “Domestic Violence and Abuse” and “Drug Use and Abuse”, include an article by News Decoder guest writer Dylan Klempner and another by correspondent Maggie Fox.

News Decoder, publisher’s missions overlap.

Klempner, a former journalism fellow in the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, explored how the United States is raising awareness about teen dating violence, which is prevalent among teens, often hidden from parents and a risk factor for future problems.

Fox’s decoder examined how vaping has exploded in popularity with young people while the case against e-cigarettes — for smokers and non-smokers — is mounting.

Earlier volumes among the 70 publications in the series included articles by three News Decoder correspondents and three student writers in books on climate, gender equality, government, immigration and terrorism.

Independence Educational’s objective — to provide a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues for young audiences — aligns with News Decoder’s mission to foster understanding of big, global issues and critical thinking skills in youth.

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Nelson Graves is News Decoder’s founder.

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News Decoder UpdatesUK publisher reprints two News Decoder articles in books
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