Our student ambassadors 2022-23

Student Ambassadors serve as a critical link between News Decoder and their school. They promote our program on campus, help organize webinars and workshops and strengthen student and faculty engagement.



African Leadership Academy (South Africa)


Kingsley Onyedikachi Aaron-Onuigbo 

ALA Vuyisile Magagula

Vuyisile Bawinile Magagula is a second-year student at the African Leadership Academy. From the Kingdom of eSwatini, she has a passion for tennis and reading science fiction. Her plans for the future include a career in medicine and making quality healthcare accessible to all Africans.


Maria Kadijah Samai  

Avicenne Private Business School (Tunisia)

B 1

Ahed Smiaai is a master degree student pursuing her education in the field of digital marketing and communication. She enjoys educating herself on digital trends and humanitarian matters.

Chadwick International (South Korea)

Chadwick School (United States)

Sienna 2
Sienna Chan is a second-year student at Chadwick School. She is interested in science and is considering becoming a forensic scientist.
Sage 2
Sage Silberman is a third-year student at Chadwick School. She aspires to be an astrophysicist and is interested in languages and understanding cultures. Through News Decoder, Silberman looks forward to engaging with youth across the world.

The European School Brussels II (Belgium)


Dóra Badacsonyi is a Hungarian student entering her sixth year of high school in the French section of the European School of Brussels II. She enjoys learning languages and is currently studying Chinese and German. She also has a passion for history and political science and hopes to pursue a degree in a field that combines the two.


Irmak Kanyilmaz is a student at the European School of Belgium II. She enjoys researching and learning about new
subjects and concepts, especially in the domain of sciences and maths. She likes taking on group work and sharing different points of view and ways of thinking.

Friends Seminary (United States)

Gimnasio Los Caobos (Colombia)

Greens Farms Academy (United States)

Herlufsholm (Denmark)

The Hewitt School (United States)

Aerin 2

Aerin Atinsky is a third-year student at The Hewitt School. She is a member of the debate team and holds a leadership position on the student council as Co-Representative of her grade. Her favorite subjects are English and History. 


Rachel Roth

Indiana University (United States)

Kepler (Rwanda)


Nadege Uwayezu 


Rachel Atosha

La Jolla Country Day School (United States)

Miss Porter’s School (United States)


Chloe Chung


Jaxon Praise Perez

Realgymnasium Rämibühl (Switzerland)



Kai Lengwiler


Lucy Beckenbauer


Sora Steineck

St Andrews (United States)


Manav Singh 

School Year Abroad France

School Year Abroad Italy

School Year Abroad Spain

SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College (Ghana)


Dingavina Naa Adjeley Adjei is a 16-year-old from Ghana in her 3rd year at SOS-HGIC and whose favourite subject is History. She loves sports, reading and debating, hence, her passion for MUN and News Decoders. In the future, she hopes to become a successful lawyer or work for the UN, all while travelling to as many countries as possible!


Ayeyi Baah is a Ghanaian in her third year at SOS-HGIC. She enjoys studying history, and biology, and learning about other cultures and art. She hopes to study medicine at university and loves to draw and paint in her free time. Through the news decoder, she hopes to discuss pressing issues with youth worldwide.

The Tatnall School 


Annette Khosravi is in her final year at The Tatnall School in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. She is actively involved with her schools’ Showcase and National Honors Arts Society Club. In the future she hopes to study environmental sciences or marine biology. Annette is excited to learn and connect with other students around the world.


Darian Harris 

The Thacher School (United States)


Avery Lieb


Grace Zhong is a third-year student at the Thacher School in California living in Sydney, Australia. She is most passionate about her creative writing and music, playing both piano and violin as well as composing original compositions. At school, she enjoys her STEM and humanities classes equally. While she is yet to determine her single field of study, she aspires to develop her global perspective through journalism and other media in the future.


Margaret Zhang lives in Southern California and is currently a junior at the Thacher School. She enjoys playing for her school’s sports teams and working with Thacher’s animal husbandry program. Academically, Margaret is passionate about studying history and math and hopes to pursue the field of political economy in the future.

Transylvania College (Romania)


Radu Anghel is in his third-year of high school at Transylvania College. He’s worked for the school newspaper from its inception, specialising in articles on economic issues. Outside of school, he is passionate about sports. He wants to pursue engineering and computer programming after graduation.


Victor Pavel is a Transylvania College student in Year 11 from Romania. He loves writing about social issues around the world with the intention to shed a light on what is happening because it is the key to understanding the world we live in.



Noel-Fabian Czikai is in his first year of high school at Transylvania College Cluj, Romania. He enjoy sports and likes writing about politics and International Relations.



Westover School (United States)

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