Our student ambassadors 2020-21

News Decoder relies on Student Ambassadors to fulfill its mission of educating and connecting youth around the world. Student Ambassadors serve as a critical link between their school and News Decoder by promoting our program on campus, helping organize webinars and workshops and strengthening student and faculty engagement.

African Leadership Academy, South Africa


Marouane El Bahraoui

is a second-year student at the African Leadership Academy. He is from the Kingdom of Morocco in Africa. Marouane is a human rights activist and member of Amnesty International Morocco.  He is also passionate about politics and international relations, aspiring to become a political analyst or a diplomat.  He enjoys reading about stoicism and surfing.


Michelle (Siya) Hadebe

 is a South African second-year student at the African Leadership Academy. She is very passionate about politics and governance, and enjoys researching humanitarian and peace and security matters. Siya serves as the Deputy Chairperson and Head of Research for the African Leadership Academy Model African Union. In her free time, she enjoys watching crime thrillers and playing basketball.


Eugenia M.E.A Rogers

is a Sierra Leonean second-year student at the African Leadership Academy. She is passionate about child advocacy and women’s empowerment. She works as a staff writer for Terminal One Online Magazine, a literary publication for youth voices. Her issues are mainly about raising mental health awareness. Eugenia’s hobbies are writing, watching animation and reading comics.

Chadwick International, South Korea


Yoomin (Ashley) Lee

is in her penultimate year at Chadwick International in South Korea. She aspires to major in political science and believes journalism is a powerful tool to bring about constructive political and social change. By participating in News Decoder, Ashley hopes to empower her own voice.


Jimin (Rosie) You

is in her final year at Chadwick International. She speaks Korean, English, and Chinese, and hopes that being trilingual will help her be an active global citizen. She aspires to pursue a career in education and believes that being internationally aware is crucial in becoming an accepting and understanding person.

Chadwick School, United States


Ryan Rothman

is a second-year student at Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California. She is passionate about art, writing, and French. Ryan also runs for her school’s cross country and track teams.


Sage Silberman

is a second-year student at Chadwick School in California. She is in Round Square and enjoys learning and debating about social issues. She loves music, traveling, writing, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Friends Seminary, United States



Antonia Giamalas

is in her final year at Friends Seminary. She is a pre-professional dancer at Peridance Capezio Center in Manhattan, New York. As a Student Ambassador, she hopes to inspire other writers to share their observations and stories about the world.

Ariella Shulman

is currently a senior at Friends Seminary. She is a peer tutor for younger students in Biology and Mathematics, and English is her favorite subject. Outside of school, Ariella is a financial intern with Max Rose for Congress and a competitive equestrian. She looks forward to combining her passions in social justice, public policy and writing as a student ambassador for News Decoder.

Charles Gorrivan

is a student at the Friends Seminary school in New York City. He is the editor of the school newspaper and a captain of the debate team. Outside of school, Gorrivan plays guitar and enjoys reading publications like The Economist and The New Yorker.


Samara Friedman

is a third-year student at Friends Seminary. She is a representative of her school’s service committee, the junior editor of her school’s newspaper, the co-founder of the broadcast journalism club, and is a parliamentary debater. She loves to travel, speak French and play piano on her free time.

Greens Farms Academy, United States



Giavanna Bravo

is in her last year at Greens Farms Academy. She chairs GFA’s Model UN and Cuatro Por Venezuela clubs and serves as an editor for her school’s foreign language magazine and newspaper. She is passionate about learning languages and currently studies French, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. Giavanna is interested in global affairs, political science, anthropology, traveling, and writing.

Hewitt School, United States



Sadie Dyson

is in her last year at the Hewitt School. She is part of her school’s Service Board, which helps local communities in New York, and The Wave Club, which she co-started, that focuses on addressing global feminist issues. Sadie’s passions include squash, English, and art history, which she writes about on her art blog.


Hanna Rahman

is in her third year at the Hewitt School. Hanna leads her school’s debate club, runs cross country and track,  co-leads Cultural Awareness for Everyone committee. Her goal this year as a News Decoder Student Ambassador is to encourage students to write for ND and to educate her community about underrepresented global events.

Indiana University, United States



Ryley Ober

is a second-year student at Indiana University, majoring in journalism with a concentration in news reporting and editing. She is interested in global affairs and plans to become a foreign correspondent after her graduation. She is a varsity athlete on IU’s swim team. In her free time, she enjoys expressing her life through art and writing.                                   


Evan Wright

is in his junior year at Indiana University, studying international relations and the security environment of East Asia. He works as a research assistant for the 21st Century Japan Politics and Society Initiative (21JPSI), and is a student ambassador for the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies. Evan enjoys spending his free time watching Netflix and spending time with friends.

King’s Academy, Jordan

Abdel Rahman Rabata
is in his last year at King’s Academy in Jordan. He participates in Model UN conferences and community service activities. He enjoys researching and watching documentaries about the political status of different regions including the Middle East. 


Maria Gommah

is a third-year student at King’s Academy. She’s interested in politics, exploring global issues, music, and photography. She frequently participates in Model UN conferences and the Jordan Modern Parliament (JMP) conference. In her role as Student Ambassador, Maria looks forward to connecting with people around the world to discuss current events.

La Jolla Country Day School, United States



Tavisha Khanna

is in her third year at La Jolla Country Day School. She is passionate about music, the environment, and field hockey. Tavisha is part of the Torrey Mock Trial team and participates frequently in climate strikes to promote sustainability on campus and throughout the wider community. She joined News Decoder to meet new people around the world and learn more about journalism.

Lucy Jaffee

Lucy Jaffee is in her second-to-last year of high school at La Jolla Country Day School in California. She is editor-in-chief of the school newspaper and a blogger, and enjoys reading and writing articles. Jaffee has recently become interested in government and civic engagement, including registering young people to vote. She loves to run, cook and bake.

Miss Porter’s School, United States



Leela Rosaz Shariyf

is an American-French dual national from Brooklyn, New York. She is in her final year at Miss Porter’s and is the Student Head of School. She’s passionate about global citizenship, the history of American cities, and youth activism. She hopes to study cognitive science in the future.


Kaiya Simmons

is in her third year at Miss Porter’s School and is from Long Island, New York. She enjoys studying science, theater and crew. Kaiya also is passionate about serving her community through volunteering at the Stony Brook University Medical Hospital and singing in the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York.


Jennifer Pyo

is a third-year student at Miss Porter’s School from Seoul, South Korea. She is interested in international business and trade, which is what led her to become a member of News Decoder. Jennifer loves learning about current events happening around the world and discussing about those events with her family and friends.

Thacher School, United States



Christina MacCorkle

is a U.S. citizen who grew up in China. She is in her third year at The Thacher School in California, and her favorite subjects are History, English and Studio Art. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys dance and volleyball. After high school, she hopes to study Political Science or foreign policy — something that “casts a critical eye on contemporary events.”


Li Keira Yin

is an international student from Shenzhen, China. She is in her third year at The Thacher School. Keira loves fencing, horseback riding, musical theatre, and visual art. She also enjoys learning new languages, traveling, and volunteering with the Lions Club around the world. Keira hopes to study linguistics, classics, or foreign policy in the future. She is interested in activism and psychology as well.

Westover School, United States



Monica Lau

was born in Hong Kong but has lived in Beijing for most of her life. She loves to travel the world — she has been to 80 countries — and enjoys taking photographs of the unique places she has visited. Her goal this year as a News Decoder Student Ambassador is to inform more individuals about global issues.


Jennifer Lee

is from Seoul, South Korea and is in her third year at Westover. Her favorite subjects are History and Art. She would like to study Journalism or Graphic Design once at university since she’s interested in writing and producing visual and artistic works.


Elaine (Yuelin) Zheng

is from Shanghai, China. She’s a third-year student at Westover and plans to major in biology, medicine, or neurology in college. Her hobbies include playing piano and volleyball.  Elaine’s goal this year as a New Decoder Student Ambassador is to connect more people around the world together.

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