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What is the Future of Journalism?


News media has undergone dramatic changes in recent decades. The advent of the internet, 24-hour news and social media have transformed the way people access and consume news. Traditional media outlets have had to reinvent themselves to keep pace with the changes, with profound impacts on their business model, distribution strategy and workforce.

Just as things were starting to settle down, the release of ChatGPT almost exactly a year ago, quickly followed by other open access generative AI technologies, have thrown up urgent new questions for news media producers. What can these tools actually do and how dependable are they? What are the challenges and risks involved in using them? Will they help journalists do their job faster and better, or ultimately replace them? 

This November we will be tackling these questions in our Future of Journalism giving campaign.


Drawing on the insights of our correspondents — including those who have experienced the seismic shifts in the media landscape in the preceding decades and others just a few years into their journalism career — we will host a roundtable with students to explore the past, present and future of journalism, on Thursday, 16 November at 18h CET. We will also be publishing a series of articles and interviews by correspondents and students exploring these important and timely issues in depth.

Watch a full recording of the roundtable here. Read recap of the conversation here.

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The Future of Journalism
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