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News Decoder is here to tell stories without borders.


We help young people see the world from multiple perspectives through the lens of journalism, taking students beyond the classroom and immersing them in a borderless world of storytelling and global interconnectedness.

As we celebrate our eighth birthday, please help us support more young people to become engaged global citizens and informed, responsible consumers and producers of media by donating to our campaign.

Help News Decoder cross new borders

News Decoder is a global educational news service founded in 2015, dedicated to helping young people develop essential global citizenship competencies. Through partnerships with schools worldwide, we teach journalism, media literacy and critical thinking skills, empowering students to understand complex international issues and become responsible global citizens.

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At News Decoder, we provide a range of educational services to equip young people with the skills needed to navigate the challenges of the 21st century. Our offerings include mentoring by our network of professional journalists, training workshops in pitching and interviewing, webinars on global issues, e-learning courses and handbooks on reporting and writing. By nurturing critical thinking, media literacy and cross-cultural collaborations, we empower students to analyze information, engage with diverse perspectives and contribute to solving global problems.


Cross-School Collaboration

Member schools are paired across regions to research and report on a shared theme in webinars and multimedia production.

Student teams identify topics, conduct research and reporting, present their findings and co-produce multimedia packages that showcase their work.

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How your donation will be used

At News Decoder we keep our costs to a minimum and results to a maximum. Your donation will be used to fund educational programs and media literacy resources including our cross-border webinar series, journalism workshops in the classroom and climate education resources. Take a look at how our nonprofit is funded in the charts below.

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