News-Decoder is founded on the premise that young people know a great deal about the news, but for no fault of their own — they are young, after all! — they don’t always have the historical background or context to make sense of events, to connect the dots.

So News-Decoder publishes “decoders” that explain why events are important, more important than the headlines might suggest.

For example, we all read with horror about deaths in Syria’s civil war. But why are those deaths, why is the Syrian conflict so significant for all of us, wherever we live? Read our decoder on Syria.

You’re interested in climate change. You’ve read about “carbon pricing”. But just what is carbon pricing?And why is it important? Read our decoder on carbon pricing.

There’s been a lot in the world press about Catalonia and its independence movement. Why should I care? Read our decoder on Catalonia.

We hope that our decoders help readers make sense of events that might seem far away but which are vitally important for us all.