What are decoders?

News-Decoder is founded on the belief that young people know a great deal about the news but, for no fault of their own, sometimes lack the historical background to make sense of world events. Our "decoders" help young people connect the dots by providing context on important events and explaining why they matter.

We all read with horror about the staggering death toll in Syria's civil war. But why are those deaths and the Syrian conflict so significant, wherever we live? Read our Syria decoder.

<em>A Syrian man holding a girl surrounded by the rubble of houses destroyed by air strikes in Aleppo, Syria, 21 April 2014 (AP Photo/Aleppo Media Center AMC, File)</em>
epa06007102 An undated picture made available on 02 June 2017 of power lines against the setting sun near Hesperia, California, USA. US President Donald J. Trump announced on 01 June that the United States is withdrawing from participation in the Paris Climate Agreement, which was drafted as way for the world's countries to address climate change collectively.  EPA/PAUL BUCK

Are you interested in climate change but not clear on what everyone means when they talk about "carbon pricing"? Read our carbon pricing decoder.

Have you noticed all the press about Catalonia and its independence movement but don’t think it matters? We think it does matter. Read our Catalonia decoder.