About our global webinars

Each year, News Decoder hosts a series of global webinars that convene young people and experts from around the world to discuss the issues that matter.

Each webinar is co-hosted by two of News Decoder’s partner schools, and focuses on one global theme — such as climate change, inequality or women’s rights. Students present on discrete topics relating to their theme.

All students and faculty at our partner schools are eligible to participate in the webinars and access our webinar archive.

Upcoming webinars

There are currently no webinars planned. Check our calendar for updates on future webinars.

Webinar archive

Look through our webinar archive for past News Decoder webinars.

Get involved

You can participate in your school’s webinar by following the steps below:

1. Join the webinar team

In your school’s first term, faculty or Student Ambassadors at your school will assemble a webinar team that, at a minimum, fills the following roles:

  • Managing Director: Organizes and leads team meetings to ensure deadlines are met and team members are on track.
  • 3-6 Researchers: Conduct research and reporting and transform the materials into multimedia content for our news site.
  • 3 Presenters: Conduct research and reporting with the Researchers and present the key findings on camera during the webinar.
  • 1 Production Lead: Oversees webinar logistics, including ensuring audio set-up, securing a location for the webinar and seating the Presenters and audience.
  • 1 Audience Engagement Officer: Organizes an audience to attend the webinar on campus and promotes the webinar on social media.

If you are interested in joining the webinar team, reach out to your Student Ambassadors to express your interest as early as possible. If you’re keen to fill a particular role, let them know!

Once your team is assembled, News Decoder will reach out to the Student Ambassadors and Managing Director to organize a one-hour brainstorming session with your team and the team from another News Decoder school.

All team members should communicate to the Managing Director the times and dates they’re available to participate in a brainstorming session. The Student Ambassadors and Managing Director will use this information to schedule a date.

Once scheduled, all team members should strive to participate in the brainstorming session. The Researchers and Presenters should come prepared with some tentative topics they’re interested in covering in the webinar and their multimedia content. The topics should relate to your school’s chosen global theme, which the Student Ambassadors will communicate to you.

During the brainstorming session, your team will meet virtually and discuss their ideas with the students from the other school.

Following this session, Researchers and Presenters should pitch their presentation and story topics to News Decoder through our pitching portal. A member of the News Decoder team will provide personalized feedback on these pitches within 24 hours.

2. Participate in a brainstorming session

3. Conduct research and reporting

After receiving feedback on their pitches, groups of Researchers and Presenters should conduct research and reporting on their chosen topics. At a minimum, each Presenter and group of Researchers should interview two sources who represent different perspectives. For tips on how to conduct an interview, take our 20-minute E-Learning course Reporting 101: Interviewing Fundamentals.

Researchers should take the materials from their interviews and turn it into multimedia content that we can publish on our site. For tips on how to draft compelling stories, take our 20-minute E-Learning course Drafting 101: Constructing compelling multimedia content.

A month before your webinar, News Decoder will host a planning session with your team and the webinar team from your partner school. During this session, News Decoder will provide direction on how to prepare for the webinar. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what you’ve learned with the students from the other school.

4. Participate in a planning session

5. Prepare to present and get published

To prepare for the big day:

  • Presenters should prepare brief webinar presentation notes and practice presenting the key takeaways of their reporting. Presenters should plan to speak for 3-4 minutes.
  • Researchers should use the materials they gathered from their reporting to produce first drafts of their multimedia content. They should submit these drafts to News Decoder by no later than the date of the webinar. Submissions can be sent to submissions@news-decoder.com.
  • The Production Lead should reserve a room for the webinar and ensure the space is equipped with a large screen and IT setup.
  • The Audience Engagement Manager should encourage other students at the school to attend the webinar in person or online.
  • The Managing Director should ensure their team members complete all of the above!

On the day of the webinar:

  • The Production Lead and Presenters should get set up at least 30 minutes before the webinar’s start time, to allow enough time to resolve any IT issues.
  • Presenters should each spend 3-4 minutes presenting their key findings.
  • All webinar participants and audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts on what they’ve learned.
  • The webinar discussion may be moderated by a guest expert.

6. Present in your webinar

7. Shine on our site and at your school

After the webinar:

  • The Audience Engagement Manager should circulate a recording of the webinar among the school community.
  • News Decoder will help the Researchers revise their drafts and get them published on our site.
  • The Audience Engagement Manager should promote the Researchers’ published stories on social media.