About school themes

Each year, our partner schools choose a  global theme that they would like their students to focus on throughout the year. Students present on issues within that theme in the school's global webinar, and they produce a multimedia package that explores topics appropriate to their theme. We work with students to get their multimedia content published on our site.

Themes enable our partners to dive into issues that are important to their school, students and community. However, themes are not meant to be a straightjacket on schools: we encourage faculty and students to explore issues outside of their theme in their classes, clubs and independent projects.

Our 2019-20 themes

Our 2019-20 educational program is organized around themes relating to the following global issues: Truth & Fiction, Crime & Punishment, War & Peace, Poverty & Wealth, Health & Wellness, Technology, Discovery, Identity, Walls & Bridges, Environment and Individual & Society. Click on the images below to access the multimedia content we have published on each theme.

Truth and Fiction
Crime and Punishment
War and Peace
Poverty and Wealth
Health and Wellness
Walls and Bridges
Individual and Society

Our 2018-19 themes

Our 2018-19 program was organized around the following global themes: Africa, Climate Change, the Future of Democracy, Globalization, Human Rights, Immigration and the South China Sea. Click on the images below to access the multimedia content we published on each theme.

Climate Change
Human Rights
South China Sea