Our student ambassadors

News-Decoder relies on student ambassadors to fulfill its mission of educating and connecting youth around the world. Student ambassadors serve as a critical link between their school and News-Decoder by promoting our program on campus, helping organize webinars and workshops and strengthening student and faculty engagement.

African Leadership Academy

Moitse Kemelo Moatshe is a second-year student at the African Leadership Academy from Gaborone, Botswana. She is currently the Deputy Chairperson for the African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2019 conference. Moitse believes in the economic empowerment of women and in furthering gender equity and equality in the African continent. She is interested in investments, ethnicity and the renaissance of African cultures.

Adnan Shafi is a second-year student at the African Leadership Academy. He is one of the founders of Sauti Afrika, a podcast at ALA that features African youth discussing controversial issues that have global resonance. He enjoys debating, the Model United Nations and producing music among other hobbies. In the future, he plans to pursue a degree in Law and Economics.

Katai L. Mutale is a second-year student at the African Leadership Academy from Zambia. Katai enjoys writing and has a keen interest in the media and communications. Aside from writing, Katai likes to read intriguing books, to travel, to blog and to construct thought-provoking art.


South Korea

Naeun (Alexis) Lee is in her last year at Chadwick International. Apart from living in Jakarta, Indonesia, she has lived in South Korea all her life. Her favorite pastime is watching movies and walking her dog. For two years Alexis was the president of CI Coligo, a multilingual journalism club that focuses on issues related to women rights. She would like to major in Sociology at university.

Elaine Lim is in her final year of high school at Chadwick International School in South Korea, where she was born and raised. Her favorite subjects are History, English and Global Politics. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, traveling and volunteering in her community.

Dalton Academy (A high school affiliate of Peking University)

Yuqiao (Artorias) Guan is a high school student at Dalton Academy in Beijing. He spent a year in the United States, allowing him to appreciate differences between the Chinese and U.S. educational systems. At News-Decoder he hopes to share and deepen his understanding of culture and education.

Bai (Sunny) Ruotong is in her last year at Dalton Academy in Beijing. She is interested in Biology and Chemistry, and is a member of the school's Biology Club. In her free time, Sunny enjoys playing baseball and drawing sand paintings.

Friends Seminary

Clio Morrison is in her final year at Friends Seminary. Her passions include film photography, reading and watching movies. Her favorite classes are French, Art History and European History. In university, she hopes to study English or History, and one day she would like to be a photojournalist. Clio spent her second-to-last year of high school studying at School Year Abroad France, one of News-Decoder's partner schools.

Gimnasio Los Caobos

Hannah Llano Hoppe is in her first year of high school at Gimansio Los Caobos. Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Hannah is half-Colombian, half-German and is fluent in Spanish, English and German. She enjoys learning, especially about Biology and History. Hannah likes to spend her leisure time reading, writing, drawing, listening to music and doing yoga. Hannah got involved with News-Decoder because she loves learning languages, experiencing new cultures and wants to change the world.

Romina Spadei is in her second year at Gimnasio Los Caobos in Colombia. She participates in the Model United Nations (MUN) and will be representing her school at the Harvard MUN conference next year. Romina plans eventually to study Law and Political Science at Columbia Law School in New York.

Greens Farms Academy

Giavanna Bravo is a second-year student at Greens Farms Academy from Easton, Connecticut. She chairs two clubs -- Preemptive Love and Cuatro Por Venezuela -- as well as the school’s Model United Nations section. She works on the school newspaper. She enjoys learning languages and is currently studying French, Spanish and Arabic. Giavanna is interested in global affairs, political science, different cultures, acting, international law, traveling and writing.

Herlufsholm School

Mikkel Arffmann is a second-year student at the Herlufsholm School, focusing on business management and social studies. He lives in Denmark and speaks Danish, English and French. Outside of school, he enjoys handball and gymnastics. In the future he would like to study  Economics.

Nicoline Kjaer Hansen is a boarding student at Herlufsholm School. She grew up in the southern part of Denmark, and she likes to play soccer and spend time with friends and family. She is in her second-to-last year at Herlufsholm and would like to study in Copenhagen when she finishes high school. She finds Sociology and Law interesting but is not yet sure what she will study at university.

Indiana University, The Media School

Christine Fernando is in her third year of undergraduate studies at Indiana University, majoring in Journalism and Sociology with a certificate in Neuroscience and minors in Psychology and Comparative Arts. She works for Bloom magazine in Bloomington, Indiana, and has served in reporting, editing and design roles for the university paper, the Indiana Daily Student. She also works for TEDx at university and for the university's undergraduate research journal.

Emily Isaacman is in her second year at Indiana University, studying Journalism and International Relations. This semester she is covering the city beat for the student newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student. She leads a volunteer group at a local elementary school and is involved with dance groups on campus.

ISF Academy

Chloe Chan is a second-year high school student based in Hong Kong. Since joining the Model UN program during her first year at the ISF Academy, Chan has become passionate about debating politics. Outside of school, Chan loves acting, reading, eating and playing squash. Chan plans to study Law or International Relations at university, and hopes to further her MUN hobby by travelling around the world to attend conferences.

Kira Fontaine is an American-British dual citizen in her third year of high school at the ISF Academy. In her free time, she enjoys playing netball, horse riding and travelling, and is interested in subjects from Physics to Literature.

King's Academy

Hala Almomani is from Jordan and in her last year at King’s Academy. She has lived in the United States and Jordan, and speaks Arabic and English fluently. She enjoys reading and writing, and contributes to the school’s newspaper and literary magazine. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteer work and participating in Model UN conferences.

Yoanna Gammoh is in her second-to-last year at King's Academy in Jordan. She is interested in regional and international issues and participates frequently in Model UN conferences and the Jordan Model Parliament. She enjoys reading and writing poetry and short stories in both Arabic and English. She likes contemporary modern Arab art as well as reading about women's rights in the Middle East, specifically through a political lens.

La Jolla Country Day School

Gabi Grasso is in her second-to-last year at La Jolla Country Day School in California. Through her passion for music, writing, community service and politics, she hopes to help create a happier and more tolerant environment for the people around her.


Sam Ferrone is in his last year at Middlesex School. He grew up in upstate New York state. He loves international relations and has a special interest in the Middle East. He plans to major in International Relations and Classics in college.

Anna Ribeiro is a Brazilian-American from New York City in her final year at Middlesex School. Her favorite subjects are English and History. This summer, she interned with Common Cause New York, where she explored both domestic and foreign policy. She hopes to major in Journalism one day.

Miss Porter's School

Sofie Brandt is in her final year at Miss Porter’s School. She is interested in photojournalism, blog writing and community service. She loves to travel and is excited to work with News Decoder, where she can express her ideas and continue to learn and work with other News-Decoder students. Outside of school, she loves to swim and play lacrosse.

Yujie (Claire) Ji is from Shenzhen, China and is in her last year at Miss Porter’s School. She is interested in journalism and social sciences. Her interest in social studies led her to become involved in blog writing and community service. At school, she is one of the leaders of the Asian Student Alliance.

Sarah Mende is in her second-to-last year at Miss Porter’s. She is a dual citizen of the United States and Australia, and her family is currently living in Austin, Texas. In addition to her work at News-Decoder, she is co-editor of her school literary magazine and co-head of the interfaith alliance, Compass.

Leela Rosaz Shariyf is in her second year at Miss Porter's School. She is an American-French dual national from Brooklyn, New York. Her favorite subjects are Science and Math. Outside of school, she likes reading, playing squash and activism. She is interested in neuroscience.

St. Luke's School

Harper Boege is in her second-to-last year at St. Luke’s School in Connecticut. A strong opponent of human trafficking, she created a club at school called Children in Chains, which aims to increase awareness of the dangers of trafficking. Harper has been involved with the Model United Nations for several years. Eventually she would like to obtain a doctorate in a field related to either Mathematics or science.

School Year Abroad


Joseph Mollo is an American student attending his second-to-last year of high school at School Year Abroad China. He comes from South Deerfield, Massachusetts, and currently attends Deerfield Academy and expects to graduate next year from Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Had of the Bilingual Club at the Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University, he is interested in Chinese culture, language, and contemporary issues; enjoys Chemistry, Biology and Physics; and appreciates good cooking, hiking and new experiences that challenge his viewpoints.


Ella Steinhilber is spending her last year of high school in France with School Year Abroad, and will finish her high school studies at the University School of Nashville. She loves everything from math to history, and at university plans to pursue interdisciplinary studies with a global emphasis. Ella also enjoys soccer and lacrosse, as well as mentoring underprivileged kids, and she co-founded a youth organization that promotes gun law reform in Tennessee.


Kurumi Shimura is spending her second-to-last year of high school at the School Year Abroad program in Viterbo, Italy. She is from New York City, where she attends the Spence School. She enjoys Mathematics and Latin, and her hobbies include traveling, reading and meeting new people. She hopes to study Finance and Real Estate at university.


Emily Shapcott is spending her penultimate year of high school in Zaragoza, Spain with School Year Abroad. She plans to graduate from the Lawrenceville School, in New Jersey. She was raised in London, England, before moving to Princeton, New Jersey. She enjoys ballet, history and politics, and is passionate about black female empowerment and opposes oppression.

Thacher School

Daisy Lawrence is in her second-to-last year at the Thacher School in California. She is the founder and co-president of Thacher’s Political Alliance and an avid writer for the school newspaper, The Notes. She loves studying History, English and current events.

Saga Leslie is in her second year at the Thacher School in California. She is interested in current events and debate, with a particular focus on foreign policy. In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, poetry and ceramics.

Skye Neulight is in her second year at the Thacher School in California. An ardent debater, she is interested in public speaking, English and foreign policy. She sings, plays the ukulele and rides horses. Looking to the future, she is torn between pursuing Neuroscience or exploring Journalism and Writing.


Fangyi (Elaine) Wang is from Hangzhou, China and is in her last year at Westover School in Connecticut. She is interested in international affairs and global climate change. Her passion for learning about other cultures led her to found the Cozy Leaf Club, whose members share their knowledge of tea drinking cultures, at Westover.

Lydia Davidowitz is in her final year at Westover School in Connecticut. She heads two campus organizations, Save the Children Club and Girl Up Club. Her passions include music and dance, and she plans to study Engineering in college.