Roundtable Community Guidelines

Roundtable convenes News-Decoder students and faculty around a virtual table to enable them to extend their horizons by asking questions, offering answers and sharing ideas.


Much like a discussion around a dinner table, a conversation on Roundtable should be informal, respectful and private.

All News-Decoder students should do their part to make Roundtable a safe and inviting forum. Be respectful when sharing your views and be sure to pull up a seat regularly!

On Roundtable, you’ll find different forums, each dedicated to a unique global theme: Crime & Punishment, Environment, Identity, Poverty & Wealth, and so on. Feel free to contribute to any forum by posting articles or videos relevant to that theme; asking questions; or responding to others’ comments.

Are you involved in your school’s research on a theme?

It could be particularly helpful to regularly visit the forum dedicated to the theme. There, you will find articles, reports and insights that will help you sharpen your research focus and come up with story ideas for your multimedia package. You can communicate with News-Decoder students in other parts of the world who are interested in the same theme.

Roundtable Community Guidelines