Students at our partner institutions interview youth and experts to produce podcasts around global themes. In our 2018-2019 program, students produced podcasts on climate change, the future of democracy and the South China Sea.

In collaboration with our media partner, News-Decoder produces The Kids Are Alright — an international youth-led podcast. A mix of motivated youth in News-Decoder’s network — the majority current students and Student Ambassadors at our academic partners — spearhead this partnership with Podium to investigate stories on big, global issues. They also interview our experienced correspondents.

Season one of The Kids Are Alright examined: the environment, entrepreneurship, youth-led movements, innovation, social media, inequality and globalization.

Season two is currently in production.

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The Kids Are Alright, season one
The Kids Are Alright, season two
The Kids Are Alright, season two

Collaborate with us

If you are interested in collaborating with us on season two of The Kids Are Alright, please review our handbook below and contact the facilitators listed at the end of the handbook.

Our handbook for season two of The Kids Are Alright