About our podcast

Every year, News Decoder produces the News Decoder Podcast (formerly known as The Kids Are Alrightan international youth-led podcast — in collaboration with our media partner Podium.me. The News Decoder Podcast is entirely student-led. From the format and structure to the design of the logo, young people from around the world leave their mark on this one-of-a-kind podcast.

A different student leads every episode and each season features a new team of students. The episodes are published on Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud and News Decoder’s news site, and every episode is transcribed to ensure accessibility.

You can read or listen to past episodes here.

Get involved

Each spring, we assemble a team of student reporters to produce the latest season of the News Decoder Podcast. If you’re interested in getting involved, read on:

Who can apply?

You! All students at our partner schools are eligible to apply. Applicants will be asked to submit responses to the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to make a podcast?
  2. What are your favorite podcasts and why?
  3. If you were to create your own 10-minute podcast, what would it be about? Who would you talk to? How would you do it?

The strongest applicants will be selected.

What will I do?

Student reporters handle a range of responsibilities. They write scripts, conduct and transcribe interviews, edit the audio recordings and work with professional editors.

We prioritize storytelling with local reporting and in-person interviews. Episodes are 10 to 15 minutes and take listeners to the heart of a complex issue.

What is the timeline and commitment?

We assemble the podcast team in late March of each year. Students are expected to file their audio files and transcriptions by the end of May.

When can I apply?

We are not currently accepting applications. Stay tuned for the launch of our next season in Spring 2021.