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About our workshops

Would you like to learn from an experienced journalist about how to identify, report on and communicate newsworthy stories? With News Decoder, you can!

As a student at one of our partner schools, you have the opportunity to participate in an interactive, correspondent-led workshop at your school. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of pitching, reporting, drafting and revising — skills that will help you identify compelling story ideas, produce authoritative content and communicate your ideas effectively to a broad audience.

If you’re keen to attend a workshop, contact the Student Ambassador at your school to express your interest in participating.

Come prepared

You’ll get the most out of a workshop if you come prepared:

  • Research the presenter’s bio in advance by visiting our Correspondents page and reading up on the presenter. Pay particular attention to the person’s areas of expertise and where he or she worked and lived.
  • Write down a few questions you’d like to ask the presenter.
  • Think of a story idea you’d like to work on for News Decoder or a class assignment. During the presentation, take notes of the presenter’s tips and ask questions to hone your own reporting strategy.
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