About our revision process

A professional editor will work with you on your draft. News Decoder’s editors are experienced journalists who have had long careers as reporters, bureau chiefs, educators and authors. They merit prompt and respectful responses. You should be prepared to meet deadlines, reply to feedback quickly and accept constructive criticism gracefully.

Revision rules

Most students find our revision process to be extremely rewarding. But some become intimidated by the scope of improvements editors sometimes recommend. Here are some things to keep in mind when revising your work:

  • Editing is a collaborative process that requires teamwork.
  • Changes are made in the interest of producing the highest quality material.
  • Stories are written for News Decoder’s readers, not for a grade.
  • Even the best work can undergo several drafts before it meets our standards.
  • If an editor asks you to make changes, make them quickly.
  • Set a deadline for filing a revised draft and meet it. If extenuating circumstances make it impossible to meet your deadline, let your editor know.
  • News Decoder determines whether a story will be published and reserves the right to edit all content.


We understand that the revision process can feel tedious or painful at times. Stick with it! Students generally find the process to be highly rewarding if they persevere:

News Decoder has been extraordinarily useful, especially in fostering in me a desire to pursue journalism. Learning about the editing and reporting process under the guidance of News Decoder has helped me grow to become a more aware and passionate journalist, and for that, I am thankful.

Daisy Lawrence

The Thacher School

News Decoder fundamentally changed me as a writer and working with Nelson Graves helped me grow in both my world view and political identity. I was encouraged to dive deep into subjects that already interested me and I gained a new perspective and appreciation for the power of journalism.

Jaeli Rose

SYA France


Have a question or concern about the revision process? Feel free to email or speak to the Student Ambassadors or News Decoder faculty point person at your school.
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