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News-Decoder aims to help young people strengthen their written and oral expression so that they can assume leadership roles on the international stage. As part of our multi-faceted program, we offer courses that help students sharpen basic skills that will serve them in their academic work, in applying for admission to university or graduate school, in seeking internships or jobs, in succeeding in their careers – in short, in navigating challenges they will face as they become global citizens.


The courses complement opportunities that News-Decoder offers young people to express themselves on our public website, in our webinars and in our private discussion groups. Our first two courses – news writing and interviewing – focus on skills that underpin a journalist’s work. The purpose is not to make journalists out of the students in our program but rather to expose them to some of the tools that help the best writers and editors rise above the pack. At News-Decoder, news is a springboard to discussion and debate, not an end in itself. So it is with these initial two courses, which are as useful to a foreign correspondent seeking to explain an increasingly complex world as they are to students keen to make their mark. In a world increasingly exposed to fake news, a premium is put on media literacy if one is to sort fact from fiction. Courses that foster an appreciation of what makes a solid, authoritative news story can help students become more intelligent citizens.


We hope the courses complement work that students do in class, so that News-Decoder can be a bridge between their academics and the many thorny issues they will face when they assume leadership roles in the challenging careers they will choose.


One last thing: You’ll notice that our courses use British, not American, spelling. Part of being an international citizen is learning that different people do things in different ways.


E-Learning Intro