Educators’ Catalog

The Educators’ Catalog extends News Decoder’s tradition of merging education and journalism by featuring a curated selection of articles that can be used as teaching tools in the classroom. 

The monthly catalog showcases four recent articles that challenge easy assumptions, deepen global understanding and spur critical thinking. The articles are written by our correspondents — who have deep experience covering complex stories with tact, clarity and insight — and by students in our network. Each pick is accompanied by a brief Editor’s note explaining the selection. Each article ends with questions that test a student’s understanding of the issues and stimulate further classroom discussion and research. 

About the Editor

Nelson Graves is the founder and president of News Decoder and an experienced educator and administrator. Graves was a correspondent, bureau chief and regional managing editor at Reuters for 24 years, holding posts in Washington, Paris, New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Milan and Tokyo. He later served as admissions director at Johns Hopkins University’s graduate program in international relations.

Educators’ Catalog