Our educational program

News-Decoder helps its partner schools teach their students global citizenship competencies. Each year, students focus on a global theme chosen by the school. News-Decoder works with students to help them identify story ideas, conduct reporting, consult experts, develop multimedia content and present it to global audiences. Through this process, students develop journalistic skills and behaviors that foster global citizenship competencies.

The students at our partner schools have exclusive access to our hands-on services. Among other things, they are:

  • Mentored by our editorial staff
  • Coached by our network of experts
  • Published on our news site
  • Featured in our global webinars
  • Participants in our writing, reporting and interviewing workshops
  • Eligible to participate in our podcast series
  • Contributors to our private online discussion forum
  • Eligible to enter our writing contests and be nominated to attend the annual International Congress of Youth Voices conference
  • Promoted on our news site and social media accounts

Students also learn about global issues by reading our news content, which is written by experienced journalists with young people in mind. This content “decodes” complex geopolitical, economic, human rights, migration and environmental issues. We encourage educators to use these decoders as a teaching resource.

Students regularly say that their work with News-Decoder helped them expand their horizons, find their voice and develop a set of skills very different from the ones they learn in the classroom. Check out the video and digital brochure below to learn more about our program and how it benefits students.

Become an academic partner

Please contact us if your school is interested in our educational program and would like to discuss becoming an academic partner.