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Textbooks are great for teaching about the past, but how do you teach your students about the issues dominating today’s headlines?

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The Educators’ Catalog extends News Decoder’s tradition of merging education and journalism by delivering a curated selection of explanatory articles on topical global issues to educators each month.

Each edition features four recent articles — written by News Decoder’s correspondents and youth — designed to deepen readers’ understanding of global issues and spur critical thinking. Each pick is accompanied by an Editor’s Note that explains the selection and proposes classroom exercises. Each article also ends with three questions that test students’ understanding of the issues identified in the story.

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Register your class for our next public, global webinar

We regularly host webinars featuring experts and young people from around the globe. Our webinars tackle big — and sometimes controversial — topics that resonate with young people everywhere: climate change, free speech, political movements, technology and more.

Our public webinars are free and open to anyone, but capacity is limited. If you would like to reserve (virtual) seats for your students, make sure to register well in advance.

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Nominate an inspirational global educator

Do you know an educator who is passionate about expanding their students’ global horizons? Someone who has introduced innovative tools or techniques into their classrooms or programmes to help their
pupils better understand global issues or acquire the skills of global citizens?

If so, we’d love to hear about them.

At News Decoder, we don’t merely practice global education. We preach it. Our Faculty in the Spotlight Series celebrates educators who are inventing or adopting global education best practices in their classrooms. 

Visit our Faculty Spotlights Archive to see what previously featured educators are doing to promote global learning in their classrooms.

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Participate in a virtual ND PD Day

Our bread and butter is helping students expand their global horizons. But we also create opportunities for educators to learn about global citizenship, journalism education and media literacy.

In 2022, we’ll be hosting our first News Decoder Professional Development Day — a virtual, all-day professional development
session open to educators based anywhere in the world. The session will feature a leading expert on the PD Day’s theme.

If you’re interested in attending our PD Day, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll ensure you receive future communications about our big event. 


Connect with like-minded educators around the world

Connect with and learn from teachers who are committed to global education. By joining our Facebook and LinkedIn Educators’ Communities, you’ll have the opportunity to share articles, post ideas and solicit feedback from a community of like-minded educators
based all around the world.

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